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Sydney the best city?

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I saw an article on the Australian ABC web site which said that Sydney had been voted the world's best city by readers of US Conde Nast Traveller magazine. Here's a quote from the text:

New South Wales Tourism Minister Matt Brown says successful marketing campaigns overseas are paying off.

"We're beating the other biggest cities in the world - Paris, Rome, New York, London - Sydney definitely is number one and it's number one for a variety of reasons," he said.

"Our wonderful food, our wonderful hospitality, our wonderful climate, as well as our spectacular scenery.

"But also our innovative and strategic marketing campaigns."

Wonderful food - granted - if you want to pay top dollar. If you want fish and chips from Doyles at $30, great!
Wonderful hospitality - if you want fights in the streets - and people telling you to go back where you came from, calling you a "wog", "pom", "yank", "nip", "slit", "slanty-eyed" - fantastic! Wonderful climate - if you like the temperature not falling below 30 degrees for 9 months of the year, and rarely falling below 38 degrees from November til March. If you like NO RAIN AT ALL. If you like 60 second showers and not being sure that you'll have enough water to live on - Yahoo!

I'll give you the spectacular scenery - which is quite frankly the ONLY thing I think Sydney has going for it.

Innovative and strategic marketing campaigns? What, like "So where the bloody hell are you?" Yep, that's the way to entice people to your country, insult them and swear at them.

The thing that makes me laugh most about it is that Melbourne came in 16th on the list. I grew up in Sydney and took my first trip in 1998. I always thought Sydney deserved its "wow" reputation, but after seeing Melbourne, my mind was very quickly changed. OK, granted, Melbourne is not quite as aesthetically pleasing, but its by no means ugly. It is a beautiful city in its own right and has a far superior culture. I can't believe people who visit Australia would praise Sydney so much, and then just crap on Melbourne like that. If (and that's a big IF) Sydney deserves first place, then Melbourne obviously does NOT deserve 16th!


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