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My familiy and I experienced what it means to be caught in a place and to have to suffer and be considered as political criminals for asking for the permit to leave. Friends were put into prisons together with murderers andrapists for no reason, children were taken away from their parents and brought to homes or other families, the state police controlled everything- they broke into apartments, opened letters, observed people and wrote endless records about every bloody time you went to the toilet to have a poop.
People were killed, tortured, intimidated, blackmailed and humiliated.
Everyone who wants the wall back is a complete asshole and should talk to these people who fought for their freedom.

A big hurray for Germany and a lovely bank holiday for my folks back home!

Judo-Jule says:

3rd Oct 2007, 19:13

beth says:

happy unification day too..

This is my favourite drawing, I really like this style and thecolours, do you do whole strips or just singular images because this one seems really narrative?

3rd Oct 2007, 19:31

Judo-Jule says:

thanks guys!

i wish i was patient enough to stay with a topic for more than one picture- but things bore me to quickly...

gonna meet my most german english friend now to have some cheap wine...

3rd Oct 2007, 19:43

beth says:

same here. Actually I'm not that good at drawing generally because I don'thave the patience.

enjoy the wine! hey you guys should come back up at christmas time for the german market! you can point and laugh!

3rd Oct 2007, 20:11

OJ says:

Happy reunification day. My German is horribly rusty but I hope someone fluent wishes it for you too. Is it Wiedervereinigung or am I making that up? Sorry. . . My brother is moving to Germany in a couple of weeks - Hamburg but his gf is from somewhere formerly GDR. Dialect tips gratefully appreciated. :) Enjoy the plonk!

3rd Oct 2007, 22:01

Judo-Jule says:

beth- for christmas ill probably hanging out at a real german christmas market. ;-)

and oj- wiedervereinigung is the correct word indeed. hamburg is a good place to be- his girlfriend should get rid of her dialect though if possible. ;-)

4th Oct 2007, 01:18

OJ says:

Well a belated "Frohliche Wiedervereinigung" from me then. Sorry, no umlauts on this keyboard....

I was joking about the dialect. Though I think the relationship is pretty serious so I'm going to have to take German refresher classes to facilitate possible future smalltalk with in-laws.

Anyway, total tangent. Your picture made me smile. If only reunification didn't make me think of Scorpions and David Hasselhoff.

4th Oct 2007, 11:32

Judo-Jule says:

Whats wrong with them???


4th Oct 2007, 11:55

OJ says:

And here we are illustrating the lyric...

"Did you ever think that we could be so close. Like brothers"

4th Oct 2007, 12:45

Viv says:

explains the feeling of strength that I get from you

so glad you can be happy and free here and in Germany

4th Oct 2007, 13:09

Geodyne says:

A wonderful thing to celebrate. Many happy returns.

Lovely to meet you on Friday, however briefly!

4th Oct 2007, 13:10

Judo-Jule says:

well viv, my parents did all the work. as an almost 2 year old refusing to walk I wasn't showing much of a strong personality. ;-)
we left east berlin 5 years before the wall came down in 1984 and my parents lost families, friends, jobs and the right to ever return to the GDR. ;-)

it was good to meet you too, geodyne.

4th Oct 2007, 14:45

Dhamaka says:

Frohliche Wiedervereinigung!

4th Oct 2007, 14:57

MaggieD says:

Like Beth I really like your style of drawing ..... and a Big Yay for Unification Day ....

4th Oct 2007, 19:32

anni_bunny says:

although i wonder if the assi oben rechts could afford an adidas shirt....
probably second hand...

4th Oct 2007, 21:12

Viv says:

maybe refusing to walk was showing a strong personality
but the effects of it all have obviosly been a massive influence on you

4th Oct 2007, 21:39