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1st Oct 2007, 13:49   | tags:,,

Euphro says:

Is it attached to the side?

1st Oct 2007, 13:58

Steve says:

Yep, he is doing is cleaning job very well

1st Oct 2007, 14:00

Euphro says:

I've seen snails used in the same way, but they seemed inevitably to have population explosions :)

1st Oct 2007, 14:01

Steve says:

He's a happy wee thing and the other fish don't seem to mind.

1st Oct 2007, 14:05

seaneeboy says:

Can they survive outside? they could have a feat in my pond...

1st Oct 2007, 14:11

Steve says:

They are a freshwater tropical fish so I doubt it I love their proper name Plecostomus

1st Oct 2007, 14:18

Caine says:

Beautiful pleco! My pleco Longfellow died of old age not too long ago. He was almost 20 inches and would eat anything he could fit in his mouth. Loved krill and live earthworms. He was rather fond of salmon eggs, too. (An odd treat from whenever Rick went fishing).

The pleco I had before him, Amadeus was long lived and over 20 inches. I learned something from him - if they get out of the aquarium, they can 'run' like hell. They use their rigid fins as legs and have a remarkable speed. They can survive quite a while out of water. They also do great in koi/goldfish ponds.

1st Oct 2007, 15:23

Judo-Jule says:

the question is not whether they can survive in a pond but on the kitchen floor!

1st Oct 2007, 15:39

Caine says:

Jule, when Amadeus got loose (we had moved, and it was during transfer to the aquarium), he took off toward the kitchen and went straight under the stove. Took a while to get him out, about an hour. He was fine.

1st Oct 2007, 15:43

Steve says:

Thanks for the information.

I like them even more now

1st Oct 2007, 15:46

Judo-Jule says:

ja- i mean its really hard to reach these areas. i might get one for behind the fridge. ;-)

1st Oct 2007, 15:47

Steve says:

It might eat your shoes

1st Oct 2007, 15:49

Judo-Jule says:

youre just beeing mean now!!

who would EVER do such thing??!!11

1st Oct 2007, 16:05

Steve says:

I would never be mean to you Mum.

1st Oct 2007, 16:07