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"hello!" from my shadow:

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seems like all i post these days are "fun with movies", so here's a
20th Sep 2007, 08:07   | tags:,,,,,,

lilitiger says:

Hello! (wave back). Maybe we could all have 'fun with shadows from bridges' now.

Which river is this?

20th Sep 2007, 08:58

nige says:

this is the Thames, taken from the millenium bridge.

20th Sep 2007, 09:01

nige says:

actually, it wasn't the millenium bridge. i lie!

20th Sep 2007, 09:05

hildegard says:

Thinking of dumping all my FWMs onto a separate blog - it's fun playing but I'm not much keen on having them cluttering up the place...

20th Sep 2007, 09:16

nige says:

i know what you mean. i think the idea of a shared blog was rejected though.

20th Sep 2007, 09:20

hildegard says:

Hotdog mooted it, Alfie shot it down, but Alfie seems to have a bit of an idée fixe about tags at the moment...
Personally, tag clouds just put me in mind of Pseudo-Dionysus & "The Cloud of Unknowing". :(

20th Sep 2007, 09:23

nige says:

haha. the tag cloud thought cracks me up. we could create out own group moblog for it anyway - they're easy enough to set up. having said that, the shared moblogs of yore never seemed to work after a while.

20th Sep 2007, 09:32

hildegard says:

Dunno - Signs, Numbers, Mysterious Doors & Stencil Graffiti all seem fairly active & it's nice to see some of the others crop up now & then...

20th Sep 2007, 09:46

nige says:

well, i hope we can port these over. i keep getting an itchy finger to delete my old ones. i've already ditched my first one.

20th Sep 2007, 10:14

hildegard says:

Know what you mean, but it felt rude to dump other people's contributions & wild guesses. :)

20th Sep 2007, 10:22

nige says:

i came to my senses after the first "delete"

20th Sep 2007, 10:23

OJ says:


Waves back across time and space

I agree about the film shots. I can see where Alfie's coming from with the tag idea, but the existence of a tag cloud does not help the fact that my friends page, the latest page etc. are clogged up with movie stills. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you shouldn't play this game - it's just tedious that it's often blocking my view of an original picture someone might just have taken...

20th Sep 2007, 10:46

nige says:

this shot totally reminded me of that pic, OJ! lilitiger mentioned it - maybe we should post these to the "shadows" blog, OJ.

good point about the game. you're quite right - friends pages are full of film stills now. also - and maybe this is just me - i feel my moblog looks untidy for including them.

20th Sep 2007, 11:00

anonymous says:

Not just you, Nige & for those of us innocent of the world of CSS, tidiness is our only possible contribution to design. ;)

20th Sep 2007, 11:28

hildegard says:

Bother - that untidy comment was from me.

20th Sep 2007, 11:28

OJ says:

Well I've tagged the photo "shadows", "waves" and "waving shadows". Do with this information what you will ;)

Waves of course is a bit ambiguous, but your photo would fit the description on both counts. Being an obvious sort of gal - and a cheesy pun fan - that's what I would have called this shot, were it mine.

20th Sep 2007, 11:41

nige says:

messy hildegard! i was actually thinking of putting a header tutorial on the forums, as it's so easy to change the look of your moblog by changing the header, and it's super easy too - it's all i do. i don't get stuck into CSS often.

OJ, i'll tag similarly, but i was actually talking about the shadowplay shared moblog.

20th Sep 2007, 12:19

silar31 says:

I love this photo nige! Who is t'other shadow?

Also, I think your tutorial idea on the forum is brilliant and will be helpful to many. Do eeeeet! :)

20th Sep 2007, 14:08

nige says:

other shadow is my good buddy Andy.

i'll get something onto the forums. probably worth it as it has been some time.

20th Sep 2007, 14:50

nige says:

oh, and i'll post to the movies blog this evening : )

20th Sep 2007, 14:50

OJ says:

Yes, I meant to concur with silar too. That would be a good idea...

....though I have to admit I fall into the "too much like hard work" group when it comes to customising the design scheme of my blog. I could. But I can't be bothered.

20th Sep 2007, 17:24

nige says:

ok, i'll do it. it's worth a look at, because it's really easy and very quick, especially if you haven't got time or can't really be bothered.

20th Sep 2007, 17:30

Jig along says:

Theres a very good reason why my blog hasn't got any fun with movies pics, and its not becauseof a lack of trying :)

20th Sep 2007, 22:31

nige says:

probably a lack of right answers then, j. heheheheh!

21st Sep 2007, 08:45

mara says:

Hello Nige, nice pic!

21st Sep 2007, 14:39

nige says:

hey! danke ;)

21st Sep 2007, 14:42