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By the canal

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9th Sep 2007, 17:42   | tags:,

midlife says:

THese look like some of Dhamaka's shots.

9th Sep 2007, 23:03

Steve says:

I believe that she has been know to hang around the canals of London too...

9th Sep 2007, 23:07

Dhamaka says:

I know this place!
It's the gummy guys on the bit of the canal that leads down to the Olympics site. You've just past the horrible swimming-pool blue boarding/fencing to your left

Jules and someone else recently posted some of their relatives in Hoxton & Bethnal Green

and Steve - I don't hang around there, I poodle....

9th Sep 2007, 23:10

Steve says:

I have had a sheltered life and can only imagine what poodling is!

9th Sep 2007, 23:12

Dhamaka says:


nah... better to leave it to the imagination

9th Sep 2007, 23:15

Steve says:

Reaches for Joes Patented Mind Bleach

9th Sep 2007, 23:17

nige says:

i think its a tamer version of dogging.

9th Sep 2007, 23:49

Dhamaka says:

don't you start

I think I'm a world class poodler and have in fact poodled all over the world.

For the record, I've never seen the attraction of dogging. Or Mind Bleach.

Oh and Nige, you've poodled that way with me, so take care..

9th Sep 2007, 23:51

Steve says:

Oh Nige... the shame..

9th Sep 2007, 23:53

nige says:

i think you started it. i remember riding my bike along there, but as for "poodling", well, thats just not my thing...


9th Sep 2007, 23:54

Dhamaka says:

oh, I've seen you poodle
and more (or is that less)
in company too

9th Sep 2007, 23:56

nige says:

you've seen me. exactly. you are a voyeur. you like to watch.

9th Sep 2007, 23:59

nige says:


9th Sep 2007, 23:59

Dhamaka says:

I join people in poodling and therefore watch while participating in poodling myself

we poodled together in a group of 5

10th Sep 2007, 00:07

Dhamaka says:

deleted double post

10th Sep 2007, 00:09

nige says:

hehe. alright, once is enough. no need to upset steve.

10th Sep 2007, 00:11

Dhamaka says:


10th Sep 2007, 00:18

Steve says:

*Shakes head*

10th Sep 2007, 09:25

Dhamaka says:

*smiles angelically

10th Sep 2007, 23:37

FilbertFox says:

so is it just dogging with a bad hairstyle?

17th Sep 2007, 21:47