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28th Aug 2007, 20:53   | tags:

crickson says:

Cool : )

28th Aug 2007, 21:12

Steve says:

Good to see you went with black... that looks lovely

28th Aug 2007, 21:29

Sprocket says:


28th Aug 2007, 21:31

Electric Sheep says:

I'm waiting til October when Leopard comes around before i upgrade. It's getting painful waiting!

Education discount for the win.

28th Aug 2007, 21:47

teflon says:

I'm impatient...
Also, I'm hoping that I might be inside the cut-off for the Up-to-date program they usually run. Either that, or it'll just fall off the internet.

28th Aug 2007, 22:56

afternoon says:


28th Aug 2007, 23:08

Steve says:

"Either that, or it'll just fall off the internet."

*Wags finger*

28th Aug 2007, 23:48

Dhamaka says:


29th Aug 2007, 09:17

Kostika says:

I'm very much a PC person. But mac laptops still impress me.

29th Aug 2007, 10:22

mat says:

Ooooooh, nice. Black was a good choice.

For me, having been back on a Mac for a bit (inherited Sal's old, old, ibook), I have to say, I'm much less of a fan than I used to be. MacOS's UI feels very clunky, and ugly, compared to Gnome+Beryl.

Gnome > MacOS > Windows, imho.

*ducks* :)

29th Aug 2007, 10:37

seaneeboy says:

Happy new macbook :)

29th Aug 2007, 11:14

kel says:

You gave in, then :)

29th Aug 2007, 16:34

Electric Sheep says:

*Puts on Mac Zealout hat*

OSX is what, 6-7 years old? and tiger is 2-3 years old. Of course it's going to feel clunky. Your experience on an old iBook wouldn't help much with what, a max of 500mb RAM? Everything would feel clunky, especially when tiger needs a recommended 1GB of RAM.

Now, try a 17inch MBP with 4GB of RAM :)

29th Aug 2007, 16:48

mat says:

Nothing to do with speed, it's about the interface. Would be the same things on a G5 superbeast as on an old G3 ibook. It's about the default key operation for a file being to change it's name, not run it; it's Finder not letting me access remote filesystems as if they were local (SMB especially being an utter joke, let alone SFTP); it's no way to turn off Dashboard - it's a tonne of tiny things that Gnome (and KDE, to be fair) does really well and OSX does badly. Windows doesn't do many of them at all.

You're forgetting I used to be a Mac Zealot too. :)

29th Aug 2007, 18:17

goode says:

17inch MBP with 4GB of RAM in the post to me.. :)

29th Aug 2007, 18:38