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Overview of SES London 2008
Search Engine Strategies

Overview of SES San Jose 2007
Search Engine Strategies

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Search landscape- packed session hosted by Andrew Goodman

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Jeremy Crane from put together some really interesting stats on how people search the the internet.

- In US there are 6 billion searches per month but only 4 billion lead to a referral to a website. (Effectively a 66% clickthrough rate)
- The most clicked website as a result of search queries is Yet, incredibly, this only accounts for 4% of the total referrals delivered by search engines. What this means is that, SEOs and online marketers are looking at a query market that could be plotted on a graph as having a TINY head and a GIGANTIC tail.
- Men are 4% more likely to only use Google over any other Search Engines. Women will use multiple engines. Senior citizens have a greater disposition towards
- 51% of US users are only going to use Google to find stuff. Yahoo and MSN loyalty are rated at 34% and 14% respectively.
- Customers start searching for a product 81 days before they buy it. Searches get more and more specific the closer they get towards purchase.

James Lamberti from comScore Networks had some great world wide stats on Search

60 billion search queries made worldwide on all major search engines and including internal search engines from major sites such as and printmedia publications and co-opted search engines.

Pure Search Engine Stats
25 billion queries worldwide
8 billion in US

New Search Marketing Opportunities are continually emerging.
- 1 billion queries per month on YouTube. They have yet to work out how to monetise this, but it's inevitable.
- Total queries on MySpace would actually stick them at 4th in world for all Search Engines
- Total internal queries on Ebay would rank them above
- 2 billion searches per month on