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Dogs. Fiber Arts. Occasional Cats, Trolleys & Trains & Flowers. And other moments from my life that I find interesting.
**Motorola ic902 - Probably the best of the (poor) choices with Nextel for a camera phone.
**Canon Powershot A430 - Oh, how I love thee, let me count the ways....Primary camera - if it a good photo, this took it.
"No one has to know that I’m just a paper tiger
Living in a condo built on bullshit and sand..."
-- Chris Orbach - I Outdid You
"If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased."
-- Katherine Hepburn

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New office chair/exercise equipment. Sit on ball at computer.
Practice good posture. When back gets stiff or sore, time to get up
and do something else for a time. Strengthen back and abs without
really trying. I like it. I also have various exercises for my
shoulders/neck, and lower body stuff too. This physical therapy bit is
amazing stuff - exercising is actually fun when you're shown how to do
it properly so it's not excruciating all the time.

Sprocket says:

I'm terrible on the bouncy ball, I'm meant to do tum crunches on it but wibble and wobble all over the place and usually roll off

19th Aug 2007, 20:09

silar31 says:

Too much too soon, maybe. Try some simpler stuff for a while first, like just sitting on it, maybe doing arm raises or leg lifts. Or, have a friend hold the ball steady for a while. Eventually I'll get to the crunches - but if I were to try them now, I'd surely fall off!

19th Aug 2007, 20:23

Sprocket says:

Maybe just sitting on it in front of the telly is where I'll start. If only they had handles like spacehoppers :-). ps my sense of balance is atrocious . . . and matched only by lack of dancing skills

19th Aug 2007, 20:55

WhoseShoes says:

I just fall off and end up in a heap on the floor :-(

19th Aug 2007, 20:56

silar31 says:

Maybe try it on a ring or base right at first guys. I plan to get one of these for the new house. They do make rings for the ball to sit on too. Otherwise, have a look - this is a more stable option than a ball, it is oblong, sort of slightly peanut shaped, and intended for those with balance or mobility problems for whom a ball is not working so well. Also, make sure you are using the right size ball for your height - too small or too large will give you problems.

19th Aug 2007, 21:10

now that is a great idea. did you start because you had an injury or is it just for fun.heehee. id fall off so many times my butt would be sore. ouch.

25th Aug 2007, 04:43

silar31 says:

Well I started using one at physical therapy, and I was having fun with it, so I went and bought one. I have to do these arm exercises for my shoulders and if you happen to have a weight bench you can do them on that, but I do not, so the ball is the other way to do them with good form - the idea here is to not cause more problems than we're solving. And, doing just about any exercise on the ball is good for you - the instability makes your core muscles around your abdominal area work to help you keep balanced. I'll have to have Don take some pictures so you can see what I mean.

25th Aug 2007, 06:21

JokerXL says:

"Sit on ball at computer"
(and, knowing me, flip over backwards dragging the monitor and most of the contents of the desk on top of me)

26th Aug 2007, 07:49