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by Essitam

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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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The finished project....

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One week later........

How I love this room and its glow in the dark stars and glow in the dark border and the space ships and Dr Who and the lava lamp and my "artists impression of the earth from space" (yes I know it's not geographically correct but he's only 7 he doesn't care)!

We were mean and evil.

When he returned from his dads he came straight in to us and declared how much he'd missed us cuddled and loved us and after a brief reciprocation. We started nagging him to take his stuff to his room as I was trying to tidy up....

....we crept upstairs behind him and waited at the top of the stairs he opened the bedroom door and stopped dead, turned fled into our arms and burst into tears...

"Thank you, thank you thank you sooooo much, I love it!"

BUT thats not the end we set up another surprise in the garden. Draped with "Welcome Home" banners was a 8ft Trampoline and enclosure he knew nothing about, we just sat and waited while he explored his new room until he looked out of the window....I have more photos of that for tomorrow!

Helen says:

Awww, fantastic.

14th Aug 2007, 00:13

Steve says:

Will you be my dad too?

14th Aug 2007, 00:15

Essitam says:

Erm Steve NO - for that I'd need a sex change!

14th Aug 2007, 00:18

Joe says:


this is ace, good job :)

14th Aug 2007, 00:19

Steve says:

Well you can't be my Mum, I have a perfectly good Mum.

14th Aug 2007, 00:20

James says:

I'll be your Dad Steve (that's my head in the photo)...although I'm not Jordan's Dad, but I like to pretend to myself ;-)

14th Aug 2007, 00:21

Steve says:

*stifles back a tear*

14th Aug 2007, 00:22

Caine says:

That's fabulous! Well done. :)

14th Aug 2007, 03:39

Dhamaka says:

that's brilliant!
thanks for sharing :D

14th Aug 2007, 04:15

Sprocket says:

Awww, absolutely wonderful, worth waiting for.

14th Aug 2007, 05:49

paintist says:

lucky blonde kid.....what a wonderful surprise :-)

14th Aug 2007, 08:17

Love it!

14th Aug 2007, 09:09

Kostika says:

That is so absolutley wonderful. And what an appreciative and wonderful son you have. Great work. The room looks fantastic.

14th Aug 2007, 10:01

SaharaSB says:

brilliant! :)

14th Aug 2007, 10:08

int to space then is he?? :) looks great what a surprise for him!
well done you too

14th Aug 2007, 10:16

Essitam says:

Thanks guys - He's loving it and has just announced he's going to spend the day in there.

ATM he is sitting at his desk talking to the kids across the road on msn and playing games....He's a teenager before his time!!

14th Aug 2007, 10:19

minkey says:

Waouuu...great job. What a fab surprise :-)

14th Aug 2007, 11:33

Lindz Delirium says:

wow! thats amazing! Jude has those crazy singing bot things from Mcd's as well. Now I wanna get off my ass and do something nice to Jude's room.

14th Aug 2007, 13:45

randomamy says:

that is AWESOME!

14th Aug 2007, 13:58

spongevid says:

that is AWESOME! well done you guys!!!
and he's got a trampoline?! I'm jealous! although the weathers pretty rubbish today for such item!

14th Aug 2007, 14:14

MaggieD says:

Oh wow, what a lovely story, and a brilliant room :)

14th Aug 2007, 17:51

Essitam says:

:D - thanks.

And Lindz I wished to god it was an annoying singing bot from McD's - That my dear is a full size Iz. About 4x bigger, 3x louder and infinitely more annoying than those from McDs!!!

14th Aug 2007, 18:54

goonflower says:

You are *such* good parents (with a hint of evil of course!) and I love lil J's reaction. He's fab :)

14th Aug 2007, 21:34

hollive says:

wow this is lovely! he's a very lucky boy..

16th Aug 2007, 23:02

I'm not usually mushy, but Aaaaaar!!

17th Aug 2007, 13:51

Great job both of you. This is really impressive. We might need you both for a little decorating when we get there.

18th Aug 2007, 02:42

Essitam says:

Mr and Mrs Baron - We (not that James knows yet but he'll do as he's told *wink*) will be more than pleased to help with the decorating as and when it's needed, it'll be good to have you over here!!

18th Aug 2007, 12:17

FilbertFox says:

I am of the same opinion as Steve, and would very much like you as my dad. I have a good enough mum, but i haven't had a daddy for 25 years and i wants a new one, and with design and decorating skills like yours, i can't go wrong now can i

25th Aug 2007, 09:48