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We Hate the Royal Mail!

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We Hate the Royal Mail!!

The Royal Mail SUCKS!!

Have you sent something recently that wasn't recieved!? Are you waiting to recieve an item? Let everyone know!

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Royal Mail Strike Action - Have you been affected?

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I'm just wondering how many people have actually been affected by the strikes taking place all over the UK.

Aberdeen has been hit bad for a few days now with nothing arriving or being sorted at all... After a quick call to the sorting office i heard that any special deliveries were being handled by managers, as the normal posties has staged an unofficial walkout.

Bit of a pain really... Please let me know your thoughts.

posted by goode


ive been affected on the past strikes on the fridays for the last month parcels that were ment to come on friday didnt come till monday, saturday post missing or delivered late.(ie monday) rubbish!

2nd Aug 2007, 11:12

ransom says:

At 11:30 this morning i recieved a special delivery parcel that was due on tues...

2 days late...

2nd Aug 2007, 11:38

i had a signed for delivery through my door this week, when no one actually signed for it.
my special delivery items were effected by the strike three weeks ago.

2nd Aug 2007, 11:56

spongevid says:

post hasn't been to bad in my area. though i am hoping a birthday card im sending off today doesn't take forever to get through!

2nd Aug 2007, 11:58

hildegard says:

Of course I've been affected - that's the point. Postal workers are being royally shafted & have every right to withdraw their labour. I support them entirely.

2nd Aug 2007, 13:04

mat says:

What Hildegard said. I like my postie, he's a nice chap.

2nd Aug 2007, 13:49

bronxelf says:

Oh shit... I sent something out headed for London last week...

2nd Aug 2007, 13:52

mozkid says:

I agree that the posties, like everyone else, deserve to earn a good living, BUT, when Royal Mail can put on an extra postperson to deliver NOTHING but JUNK MAIL in my area, then I get right royal p%%$$££d off; especially as I am expected to wait days for important mail to get delivered to me!

2nd Aug 2007, 18:46

claw(chrislaw3-at-btinternet-dot-com) says:

orcdered some much needed items on friday last week,despatched monday from harrow 1st class and still no sign by thursday to bathgate.....bloody inconsiderate posties.paid 1.17 for the privelege of having post delivered at least a week late....won't use royal mail again ever!!

3rd Aug 2007, 22:02

goode says:

unfortunately i think you will Chris... As much as it pains me to say it... We actually need the royal mail! They are usually the most cost effective service...

Although, DHL are pretty good when it comes to packages and TNT

4th Aug 2007, 00:50

mat says:

Thing is, you get what you pay for. £1.17 is very good value to ship something across the country, and the PO will do their best to get it there next day, but make no promises. Most of the time, they do get things there on time, but to count on first class for time-sensitive stuff is stupid, especially during a pre-announced period of strike activity. If it's genuinely important, DHL it. It'll cost you a LOT more than first class, but it'll damn sure get there.

4th Aug 2007, 10:42

bronxelf says:

mat- it's poop either way for me. It still cost $11- to send one photo and a sheet of paper to Alfie and he still hasn't gotten it yet, a week and change out.

However, it's still better than the $20 it cost to send *one* sheet of stamps to Paris (though those arrived within 5 days.)

4th Aug 2007, 20:05

Em says:

I don't mind people striking, they have a right to being treated fairly. I must admit though that the disruption is annoying. I'm still waiting on something I ordered on the 9th of July. It was meant to be a birthday present, it's well beleated now!imao. It's a shame everyone else has to suffer and people will lose out.

6th Aug 2007, 10:59

Lauren says:

To all those who say they deserve a better wage . . . I'd support them if I thought they deserved it. The level of service we get in my area is appalling. If these posties were paid according to customer satisfaction the most they'd be receiving would be the minimum wage.

6th Aug 2007, 22:51

Nicolas Cat says:

I agree with Lauren. Posties have the attitude that they are doing us a favour by delivering our property. Posties need to wake up. Look at the overwhelming public support given to the firemen when they went on strike: nobody supports the postmen because they are just arseholes providing a rotten, unreliable, fifth-rate service. Every person I have spoken to about the recent disruption feels the same as me.

Those tosspots who run the whole thing are even worse. Last year the Royal Mail's profits soared; over the same period the Royal Mail missed 14 of its 15 performance targets. I wonder why: Junk Mail! I cannot rely on receiving letters from my bank or the hospital but I know that I'll be given a leaflet for every pizza and chinese takeaway in Edinburgh.

ps re. junk mail: I just collect it and stuff it back into the postbox. If I have time I'll also write 'no thanks' or 'piss off' on the junkmail. It makes me feel better!

7th Aug 2007, 12:24

Postal Worker says:

You lot don't know what you are talking about. My life is made miserable hoofing your stupid bills and postcards all over town. How would you like to sit for hours in a bus shelter writing "No Entry" on all the mail for a whole block of flats? All we are asking for is more money and less work.

Ps I have lots of book tokens and gift vouchers for cash sale. Let me know if you are interested.

7th Aug 2007, 12:36

hildegard says:

Royal Mail management have made the average postie's life nigh-on impossible. I defy you to deliver the amount of mail they get for a single round within what you would like to see as a reasonable time. They've been casualised, stripped to the bone & are routinely treated like scum by a senior management that featherbeds its own position whilst having no apparent clue how to run a postal delivery service.
As for Post Office Counter management - don't get me started. If we sewed the lot of them into sacks & dropped them in the Bosphorus along with all relevant (the word "responsible" hardly seems apposite) ministers & allied wonks, without replacing a single one of them, I suspect it could only improve both current service delivery & future strategy.
Have been a postal worker, BTW.

7th Aug 2007, 12:50

sandra says:

i love my postie he always winks at me u lot dont appreciate them early mornings bad weather and broken backs 4 u shower of plonkers good luck all u postal workers

9th Aug 2007, 14:36

ross says:

hooray 4 posties

9th Aug 2007, 14:36

Graham says:

Im a postie and these strikes are nothing to do with the money. Royal mail made us an offer of 2.5% with a begging plea thats all they could afford. We accepted that fact.What we are striking about is the other other changes connected to the wage rise offer. For the last 5 or so pay rises we have had, Royal mail has offered money on conditions. On this particular time,too many changes are wanted for us to win a small 2.5%. To Royal Mail..."just give us the money so we can get back to earning money"....To the public.... "please dont moan your not getting your letters on odd days because we feel the need to strike to keep our jobs and to keep feeding our children". Many thanks to the customers who appreciate our cause.

9th Aug 2007, 23:14

Tough Man says:


10th Aug 2007, 12:31

Scary Dude says:

Hey Graham

Give me back my birthday money you bid cunt

10th Aug 2007, 12:33

Scary Dude says:

I meant 'big cunt' not 'bid cunt'. I'm sloppy rather than illiterate. At least if I were illiterate I could get a job with Her Majesty's postal service.


Have a nice weekend everyone*!

*everyone except posties

10th Aug 2007, 12:38

keeley Nicholas says:

I have nothing against people striking for better working conditions etc but I have been waiting 10 days so far for a 260 pound item that hasnt arrived yet.
Although this is possibly down to the strike it is worrying wondering whether this item has been lost in the post or even worse the seller hasnt sent the item to me and royal mail cant help me due to the strike

11th Aug 2007, 12:51

Rick says:

Royal Mail and their employees need to drag them selves into the 21st century. I visit my local Delivery office daily to drop off my bulk mail and unfortunately have to say that although there are many hard working postal workers, most appear to have the attitude that they are employed in a cushy government job and walk about doing very little. Royal mail are loosing business customers faster than superman moves and the striking workers need to realize they no longer have that cushy government job, and unless they shape up Royal Mail will be broke up and sold off to companies like TNT or USP, then they'll realize how well off they really were.

11th Aug 2007, 12:55

andy says:

all you whingers sitting at home blogging about royal mail have no idea get a job as a postie and see how hard it is you have to sort the mail before you go out over a thousand items into a frame ,then you have to tie up then cycle up to 3 miles then walk around 6 miles deal with dogs, aggressive dolers and drunks let me tell you boys and girls no one would do that for min wage only desperate people who cant get a job anywere else putting mail security at risk most posties i know are intelligent people and well underated people who can stand up for themselves and should be paid well .

14th Aug 2007, 15:41

Alfie says:

For me, my issue is not the posties, my postie is great (my last one wasnt actually). The issue I have is with the actual function and bureaucracy of the postal system, the *fact* that you simply cannot get through to a pickup office for example.

I remember standing in a pick-up office, getting a parcel which I absolutely was at home to collect but the postman hadn't rung my bell (im in a block of flats, and maybe he just didnt want to wait around).

So Im standing there, and the phone behind the counter is just ringing and ringing and ringing, with the counter staff ignoring it for the ten minutes it rang. That could have been me on the phone. Not cool.

14th Aug 2007, 15:54

andy says:

Your issues are valid Alfie but that doesnt mean the majority of posties shouldnt strike they are actually striking after a democratic vote with 77 pcnt majority believe it or not they are trying to protect a service that as progressivly got worse under new managment due to money hungry capitallists brought in by the labour goverment and this managment keep telling us that the service is better, we are actually striking to make things better for you .

15th Aug 2007, 11:27

Gravy Davey says:


What you say is very laudable and, in principle, I agree. My problem is that my sympathy evaporates each time I see a postie using someone's mail as a toothpick.

Every year approximately 30% of my birthday cards fail to arrive: someone (it could be kids, it could be someone in the sorting office, it could be my postie...) is stealing them. My current postie pretends that he can't get into my block of flats. I know that there is always someone there to let him in and we have a service buzzer which lets anyone in before noon (I have tested this many times and it is fully operational).

What can I do? No-one at Royal Mail would give a toss. If I confront the Postie, I'll never get any mail. The frustration felt by people who post comments on this blog is that of people who have no alternative but just to accept the way things are.

I do sympathise with underpaid and overworked workers and I don't want the Royal Mail to go down the tubes. I do hear people say that their postie is really good but I can honestly say that I have lived in eight flats in the last ten years and each postman I have had has been absolutely wretched.

What can I do Andy?

16th Aug 2007, 10:35

hildegard says:

You can support the postal workers' action to stop the further casualisation of their jobs. Pay peanuts, get monkies. Also, the standard of illiteracy & geographical witlessness of the Great British Public ought never to be underestimated; your mail is not always correctly addressed & posties aren't psychic.

16th Aug 2007, 11:03

Gravy Davey says:


What do you recommend I do about my mendacious Postie? What should I do when my mail doesn't turn up? Who do you suggest I call when no-one at the Collection Office picks up the phone? What should I do when I need to be certain that a letter I send will get to its destination?

16th Aug 2007, 12:18

hildegard says:

1) Go to your sorting office & complain to a supervisor. If you have to be there so often to pick up parcels, it should be fairly convenient.
2) Get a number for a Royal Mail manager & bug the hell out of him about the fact that your sorting office is so overworked that there's no available to pick up the phone.
3) Be realistic. Royal Mail provide a service - they charge a very low flat rate to deliver to mail from, say London, to Orkney or Aldershot. They cannot be expected to compete with the resources & concomittant reliability of UPS et al. If something is really important, you seem to be a good little capitalist - pay for it accordingly.
4) Get over yourself. If this is what really gets your goat, you must be living in a very narrow world - why not direct your ire at elder abuse, female genital mutilation, under-funding of care for vulnerable children or the global arms race? Just as a few examples.

16th Aug 2007, 12:34

Rich says:

so, hildegard, how many birthday cards did you steal while you worked at the royal mail?

Complaining that people are complaining about the royal mail on a blog called "we hate the royal mail" is rrrrreally fucking stupid.

16th Aug 2007, 12:55

hildegard says:

Never needed to steal birthday cards Rich, I receive enough of my own.

How about my observations being also applicable to the very existence of such a petty blog?

16th Aug 2007, 13:13

Gravey Davey says:

"Go to your sorting office & complain to a supervisor"

"Get a number for a Royal Mail manager"

Ho, ho ho. You really did work for the Royal Mail didn't you! So it's ME who has to sort everything out just like it's ME who has to pick up my own post and deliver it to my house (at time that suits the Royal Mail of course)

Go and stick your head up a dead bear's bum

16th Aug 2007, 14:02

Leo says:

I recently ordered an item that I know for a fact was dispatched on the 15th of August 1st class recorded signed for.

It is now the 24th and of course I have not received anything and the tracking number is not bringing up anything on the net.

They also lost my P60 forms I had sent to the HM revenue meaning it will be another month at least until I receive any rebate....

24th Aug 2007, 09:00

Terry says:


The envelope containing your P60s was probably used to wipe dog shit off a postie's shoe.

I'm waiting for a driving licence: it'll probably be sold down the pub tonight.

24th Aug 2007, 13:38

pilverin posty says:

im a posty .. do you know how many birthday cards i have to nick , before i can have a night out??? my loft is people should put money in....tight wads...oh and the people who write on letters "not at this address" what a waste of time im still gonna put em in ya door have to write n then post them again... i better go i finished my round at 10 today going for someovertime at 2 till 4 , and getting paid till 6... remember support ya posty!!

5th Sep 2007, 12:08

pandairo says:

It's just another example of our public services turning to shit in my opinion. We could once be proud to be British & be proud of our public sector, now our government seems to be making sure everyone is happy bar UK citizens. We don't matter anymore, we just live here.
Eastern european immigrants seem to be top of the priority list at the moment, so lets wait and see which of our services go down the pan next. :(

5th Sep 2007, 12:36

Gravey Davey says:


At the risk of veering off the topic here, what grounds do you have for thinking that our government puts eastern european immigrants at the top of its priority list?

6th Sep 2007, 12:36

Puddlepuff says:

Well,.. what I read here, UK post does suck.

If I'm not home to recieve a parcell I can pick it up within 4 hours after they knocked on my door. Almost every little tabacoshop in Amsterdam is also a little postoffice. Postman drops of undelivered parcelles twice a day at the nearest place to your house.

So no worries when yur not at home to recieve yur parcell.

6th Sep 2007, 13:06

adey says:

are they on strike again this week? the service has got so bad i cant tell if theyre on strike or not! i usually have to wait a week or so then get a pile of mail all at once- quite often somebody elses mail or recorded delivery posted through my letterbox which hasnt been signed for etc. etc. if they did a full days work between them id support their strike but there are a lot of people on the dole who would probably do their jobs for a lot less. they should sack the fatcats.

13th Sep 2007, 23:19

ms Chanandler Bong says:

Everyone here needs to really grow up and get a job to keep u busy. Posties are people to and just because a couple of strikes stop u from getting you weekly gardning mag doesnt mean that u have the right to moan and girgle about it!

18th Sep 2007, 14:50

adey says:

we do have jobs, ms bong thats why we get upset when a load of easylifers take it out on us when they cant get the pay they want. why dont they work a bit harder or get a better job. there are plenty of people on the dole who would take their jobs at current pay and give us a bit of a break from paying their benifits for them

19th Sep 2007, 01:57

pelverin posty says:

most postys work hard.....we dont wanna lose a days pay....its 2 days pay now a week..... we are striking to try to get you a better service... do you relise they are trying to put even more junk mail through ya door 5 items a week .. plus rival companys send cheaper mail through the system for us to deliver more credit card applications and insurence ... its the royal mail top men who are wrecking the service...oh and ya post is gonna be even later now. as we start at 6 in 2 weeks stop in n wait till 3 for ya ya postie...else you wont get ya birthday cards...

22nd Sep 2007, 19:50

Fancy Dress Trader says:

I think The forthcoming strikes are an absolute discrace to a service that this country should be proud of.
I run an online business selling fancy dress costumes october is our busiest month with halloween falling at the end of the month.
This strike action will cost me heavy losses in not being able to trade comfortably up until the last minute as we should.
I currently spend £500+ per week with Royal mail and I am now looking to spend this money elsewhere as a direct result of these strikes.
I do not see how any business can put up with this kind of service and feel that if it continues royal mail will lose so much trade costom that they will cease to trade as a carrier of business mail in the near future
as who would put up with this from any other carrier company. Would you?

29th Sep 2007, 13:42

Welsh Postie says:

If you really want to yell at someone, yell at your MP. It's alright slagging off your postie for poor service etc. But consider this, if and when Leighton and the half pint midget Crozier have f**ked the service right up and RM has gone it'll cost you approx £6 to send a next day delivery letter from, say Glasgow to Plymouth. Ready for that are you? Hound your MP to save our (yours and mine) service before it's too late!

2nd Oct 2007, 15:28

Sir Raplfred Beezer says:

Wow, a "half pint midget" must be pretty small Welsh Postie. Get back to work you pathetic malcontent

3rd Oct 2007, 08:53

nicksey says:

The whinging posties make me sick, sack the lot of them, make unions illegal, people have to realise that nobody is entitled to a job. You either do it without moaning or find something else that you would rather do instead. How stupid are these people. Get off your lazy backsides and do the job that you once applied to get and were lucky to get it in the first place.

4th Oct 2007, 10:50

pat,s mate says:

your a tool nicksey...hope pat nicks ya birthday cards kicks ya cat ... an fcuks ya mom and cums over ya wifes face......and smiles every time he gives ya you mail...knob jockey!

4th Oct 2007, 15:04

courier says:

hey pat,s mate, sounds like you dont get it off your wife or anybody elses, hit a bit of a nerve did nicksey by the sound of it, wake up loser, The title at the top of the page should give you a clue, its about hating Royal Mail, now fuck off and find a page called, "pat,s mate loves to suck his posties knob", either that or get back to tossing of... by yourself... again. Shit for brains!!

4th Oct 2007, 16:14

Laura says:

this strike is just really a pain in the backside to say the least.
i have been waiting for some very important tickets to arrive and they still havent which means that i will not get my tickets in time so i am unable to go.
this was for my birthday on wednesday which i will now also not recieve any birthday cards for.
so all in all royal mail have ruined my birthday.

4th Oct 2007, 22:09

shane says:

The main point i think is that all these strikes only affect the customers,not the desicion makers or anyone else only the people who really have nothing to do with making pay usual,us....Its so annoying and why not leave their jobs if they want better pay?.Do something else,its not as if they are fireman or policeman and have to deal with anything dangerous......

5th Oct 2007, 01:04

postie says:

come the general strike!!

5th Oct 2007, 06:53

richard says:

Expect cwu members to comment from royalmailchat forums. They are currently discussing this site.

After reading their forum recently, some things stood out....

Postal workers were laughing at the thought of disrupting christmas post.

One member is quoted as saying "f**k the customers", and many agree.

Some of them are despicable people, i urge you to view royalmailchat, as see for yourselves. Better yet, type cwuscum in google or youtube.

5th Oct 2007, 19:46

martin says:

I am a postman.

I have read with interest all your comments.

This dispute is NOT about pay. Despite what you think this is NOT an easy job. I get up at 4 am every morning and then have to work in the office sorting and collating until about 10 am. Now there is only one delivery a day it is physically demanding. The public don't know (Ididn't know) how much work has to be done even before you start delivery. I am pretty fit and not too old but I am so tired every day. I normally finish work about 1.30pm but I have arrived at work an hour before my start time. I don't take my designated meal relief of 40 mins. Yeah sure it looks like we've finished work early but we've still put in an 8 hour day (sometimes in atrocious weather conditions).

Anyway, the strike is about covering other people (sick or holiday) for free. Delivering unlimited "junk mail" that we don't want to deliver and the public don't want (also for free). Shafting our pensions (that are not index-linked or anything like that). Moving retirement age from 60 to 65 (I promise you this job is now physically hard and nobody should expext a man in his 60's to do this job).

I don't want to patronise but this job is not a paper-round. The public have no idea about what the job of a postman really entails. I don't just walk into my office and find my mail bag ready to take out. Also when you see a postman with his mailbag the public don't don't realise that he will collect about 10 of them from different sites every day. All for a take-home pay of £260 per week.

Don't say "then get another job". It ain't that easy, even in London, to change jobs. Yeah, the job is tough but I enjoy the freedom of the open air. But what conditions RM management want to impose on us is totally unnaccepatable - I repeat IT IS NOT ABOUT MONEY! I love my customers and cut corners to enable them to have the best service I can provide.

Allan leighton (top boss of Royal mail) went on Sky News yesterday to state that postmen earn a basic of £440 -this is just lies! But I state again - this is not about money. The postmen that are in my office are mainly a very committed bunch of people.

5th Oct 2007, 23:22

martin says:

Sorry to reamin on the post but after reviing (again) many of your posts I feel I have to respond.

Re Laura I m really sorry that you are personally involved = I am also waiting for things from eBay (bloody postal workers!!)

We are not perfect, we do a job. How would you all feel if they shafted your pension schemes. How would you feel if they asked you to cover you colleagues work while they were on sick/annual leave "for free"! Despite what richard says most postmen really take the job (and the responsibilities) seriously.

Yes, the public(our customers) are affected - but that is the nature of our industry. When bus drivers, civil servants etc strike they don't have the massive backlog of work that we will have to deal with. So a strike for us gives us a massive amount of work to be dealt with. But we will do it - for no extra money.

In short, we have to strike to affect the community so that the community react. We don't want to affect people but because of the nature of our job we have no choice. If we (reluctantly) take strike action we will affect our customers. Sorry about that but that's the only way our management (be that RM management or the Govenment (officially still owners of RM - but conspicually silent) will be forced to take action.

Royal Mail workers DO NOT want to take action and are aware of the concerns of our customers. However, the situation in the workplace is now intenable.

For all you critics who are slagging off Royal Mail and, especially, the postmen. I I would urge you to to look to yourselves, and think how you would field if all your conditions of work and pension schemes were changed without notice.

No, you just sit on your ass and think you have a good job - get real!!

6th Oct 2007, 00:09

RF says:

Postman Pat never went on strike

6th Oct 2007, 08:42

bob the builder says:

you never saw what postman pat was doing to jess behind closed doors either...the bbc just wanted to show a hard working man in a little village chatting to customers and delivering mail...showing royal mail working hard,they diddnt show him banging jess bbc people make me sick putting people like that on tv

6th Oct 2007, 09:19

Hugh says:

I've heard he gives Mrs Goggins a good seeing to aswell,I wonder if her husband knows?

6th Oct 2007, 10:22

Alfie says:

Comments on this moblog are degrading into overtly aggressive/offensive in general, so I am limiting comments to this moblog to logged in members only.

6th Oct 2007, 15:31

alan says:

useless posties 98/100 1st class letters reach u everyday without hitch not perfect but hey who is.what do u expect 4 30odd pence us 2 deliver to every door in the uk.oh yes we do do that and to every junkie den, stinkin run down poverty hit scheme meeting some the biggest lowlives on our travels with our six 37lb mail bags we have to carry each day for 3 1/2hours filled with junk we dont get paid for but our customers all moan abt it like its our faultand this is done without much complaint from 4in the morning in all weathers.we re not striking for money although 2.5% on top of our £210 dosent seem that much.we want our pensions when we retire at 60 and not paid out 5 years lter when we re 65 and we dont want to be forced 2do unpaid overtime because we re short staffed because of cuts which means when u start work u can b told ull need to do another duty as well as ur own until finished so no luck if uve got kids or any kind of life u ll be here till the jobs finished but dont xpect anything for it u can start at 4 30am 2moro instead of 4.we dont expect anything just a bit of understanding we work in terrible conditions and 99%of us do our best for the public.but this 1% can let us all down we try and better this but our hands are being tied by bad management.thank u

11th Oct 2007, 17:18

taniwha says:

It's a tough job. Decent pension is what you should expect.

11th Oct 2007, 19:35

Dianna(dianne-dot-surrey-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

The Royal mail should be downgraded to another less "Royal" name, eg.Trash mail..Dealing with people all over the World due to running an Internet website,I find that even 3rd World Countries have better mail systems than we do.The R.Mail workers get 1...good pay(I don't if I cannot earn it)
2...great all weather clothes(I don't) 3..good hours (I have to work many UNSOCIABLE hours into the night) tHEY NEED TO GROW UP AND GET ON WITH IT LIKE THE REST OF US HAVE TO.

12th Oct 2007, 22:12

OJ says:

"You can support the postal workers' action to stop the further casualisation of their jobs. Pay peanuts, get monkies."

Hear hear.

I support any worker's right to withdraw their labour too.

It's pretty belated but, sticking my twopennorth in, I think the I Hate The Royal Mail blog is really showing its stupefying pettiness now. How can it contribute to any sort of debate in a meaningful fashion when it can't even discriminate between hating an organisation and hating the employees who are themselves in conflict with the organisation?

Anyone would think it was an unthinking bid for hits, any kind of hits....

12th Oct 2007, 22:29

Rea lpostie says:

I agree with Alan, posties are asked to cover walks for no extra money, sort other duties for no extra money( all in the name of flexibality.)They are made to feel like they can't book overtime, the unit managers are all aggressive, due to pressure from above, stating that no overtime can't be booked, but they want the duties covered for nothing. this is Royal Mails flexability plan.

12th Oct 2007, 23:39

rob says:

SACK anyone who strikes they are lazy bast*rds. Dont deserve a pay rise when the quality is sh*t.

3-4 weeks for recorded delivery. JOKE

13th Oct 2007, 09:56

Chris Speet(christopher-dot-speet-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

I have little sympathy with the posties. The bottom line is if you are paid to work 8 hours a day (or whatever it is) then that is how long you should work. I don't care if you've got away with it in the past. If you want to finish your round then go home then fine, but you should only get paid for the work you do, and that should be on an hourly rate. As far as modernisation goes, thats tough, times change, either change with them or find something else to do. Again in terms of wages. I remember a lad who left school to become a postie. He earnt a lot of money (compared to the rest of us washing pots part time or whatever) but the bottom line is that really it is unskilled labour and you don't get paid a lot for that type of work, again you want a better deal...go find one.

13th Oct 2007, 10:56

Gonzo says:

No one seems to mention all the mail we HAVE TO deliver for TNT,Business Post,DHL or whoever.You people think there is competition in the letters business but you do not realise we do all the shit part for shit money while they get the profit.You think you are getting the above firms to deliver your letters but they just give it to us to do for them and we can`t refuse, how`s that for fair competition.

13th Oct 2007, 20:35

Pi$$ed off says:

The Royal Mail was a monopoly. Competition now exists and they have to be competitive. If they give the staff the rises they want then there will be redundancies. They are striking just so that some of them will lose their jobs and we're all suffering for it.


13th Oct 2007, 22:18

C-Side says:

The trouble is when you have a postal strike you dont just effect the money the postal service earns, you also effect the man on the street and he also loses money. As there is no real alternative to royal mail in this country the public cannot use a rival company. If there was a rival company them maybe the postal workers would be less willing to strike, being afraid customers would take business elsewere, then they would not have jobs to return to. STOP THE MONOPOLY. Lets have rival postboxes on the streets at competative prices.

15th Oct 2007, 18:46

postie pete says:

why slag off posties who are all hard working when its the management to blame. Ask yourself this question, if ur boss asked "can you do your job and also a colleagues job for no extra money". you see hes poorly and we need help. how many of you would answer yes. Also management say we want our workers to get paid for the hours they work, seems fair dont you think? actually it was this same management that introduced the job and knock system into rm at yet another pay deal negotiation. please everyone, we dont want strike, we dont want to lose pay but if we dont then royal mail will cease to exist and alan leighton and his friends will walk away, smiling whilst patting the wads of cash in there pockets

16th Oct 2007, 22:24

BILLY says:

"please dont moan your not getting your letters on odd days because we feel the need to strike to keep our jobs and to keep feeding our children".

Bullshit, I have had to go without money for utilities and to feed my children as my cheque from work has "dissapeared" during your stupid know what you signed up for when you went for the job, stop being so damned lazy and get back to work you selfish morons.

19th Oct 2007, 06:31

BILLY says:

Also to those people who can afford to miss mail for a few days...lucky fucking you, try telling two hungry kids they have no food because some spoilt lazy arseholes don't want to be told when to start and stop work, some of us have set shifts we can't all just saunter in or finish when we feel like it..fuck right off.

19th Oct 2007, 06:36

Gordy says:

You want sympathy from the public then campaign for it, DO NOT try to bully us by with holding our letters, you will only gain distain and enemies NEVER supporters.

Remember posties, just because your friends and families say your doing good, doesn't mean the rest of us think so. I bet you all still got your own mail while on strike.

19th Oct 2007, 06:42

Gordy says:

Quote 1

In short, we have to strike to affect the community so that the community react.

19th Oct 2007, 06:54

Sticky Micky says:

Posties are paid roughly the same as Infantrymen.

Who has the easier life, with the luxery of no set hours and ability to strike when in a huff?

19th Oct 2007, 07:19

Ken Neill says:

Today I received delivery of a letter by Royal Mail which was sent to my previous address.
I moved 7 YEARS AGO.
This is only the latest example of the fantastic service we receive in our area.

19th Oct 2007, 16:35

Sir Raflred Beezer says:

Ken, you're lucky your letter was clearly not of value. If it had been the lazy thieving cunts would have nicked it.

20th Oct 2007, 13:07

mr bean says:

cant wait when all different delivery companys start deliverin and ya mail gets mis-delevered and ya dont know who the fuck ya can complain too.. then youll have a web site sayin bring back royal mail... morans!! i hope ya postie does nick ya mail sir beeezer...he must know you a work shy fucker. get to job club

21st Oct 2007, 18:55

peawort says:

The more they strike, the more people will look for other options.
If there is no business for Royal Mail they all lose their jobs, then payrises won't be an issue!

22nd Oct 2007, 13:29

peawort says:

and by the way, try running your own business and see how many unpaid hours you have to do for other people?...
if you don't like your job... Leave, and get another one!

22nd Oct 2007, 13:41

y4n1 says:

aaaarrrhhh, my dvds aren't here yet! my thread and fabric for cross stitching aren't here yet! maybe someone should write a song about the royal mail as whoever did the 'london underground' song... lol

22nd Oct 2007, 21:12

postie pete says:

i do have sympathy for the public but i think you will find most people with a bit of common sense actually support us, i know all my customers do!!.
in reply to billy and the sir (haha) grow up!!!, its easy to complain when your the medias mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed shit) it will be the same people that are complaining in this blog that will complain when royal mail is no more, some people are just born moaners.
I strike for what i believe is the future of royal mail, my job and for my families future.
oh and btw gordy i didnt get my mail on time it was about a week late, including my payslip and thats from royal mail themselves :)

22nd Oct 2007, 22:10

Richard Selwyn says:

I feel that the misinformation has been the worst thing.

Had to post passport to visa-agent firm in London, in order to attend conference in Russia. Had about week and a bit’s notice to do so - shorter than ideal, but not unmanageable, at least not in a first world country, right?

On discussion in local post office, transpires that “Special Delivery” guarantees etc were all off. So I sent it recorded first class instead since the backlog was apparently more or less cleared, according to latest press-release (this was sat 14th Oct a.m. when I was posting the item).

Oh how wrong I was. Passport STILL missing over a week later, missed conference, boss blames me for substantial economic cost.

I should have travelled from Leeds to London to deliver it by hand. The personal, professional and financial cost has been very very substantial. And all due to the Royal Mail senior management fundamentally mismanaging it. We can’t all research the internet before posting a letter just to check estimated delivery times. If you can’t deliver first class mail then don’t pretend to be able to, or be clear about it in the post offices. Lying, thieving scum. Management like that gets the unionised workforce it deserves.

23rd Oct 2007, 06:03

postie says says:

The comment on mushrooms is good competition will mean more expensive post and less reliable service because nobdy wants to do the bad non profitable bits are you whingers really so stupid not to be able to see that it will just be like the train services a mess and i cant wait to see the complaints then..

26th Oct 2007, 17:42

Sir Raflred Beezer says:

Is anyone still waiting for mail posted on one of the days that the posties were on strike?

One of my collegues' husbands works for the Royal Mail. Apparently, the posties resolutely refuse to sort any post that was posted on a strike day. All mail posted on strike days is delivered to a central office where managers have to sort it: the striking posties won't touch it.

These bastards are intent on making our lives as difficult as they possibly can.

28th Oct 2007, 13:52

Postman Pat says:

Take it from somebody that knows,that is a load of bollocks. Your friends husband is obviously a tit that knows jack where's Jess buggered off to?

28th Oct 2007, 17:10

postie pete says:

postman pats right, although mail has been backed up, i can say that all mail that comes through my office gets sorted and delivered. please dont believe everything your told as this leads to endless gossip and hear say that only ends with confusion (anyone who reads this blog will see this). Back to the topic, it looks like the strikes are over, we still havent been told the outcome fully but i do know that without the support of the public everyone will get there mail much later unless you collect your own or pay for an earlier service, the rot has started to set in so thanks to the morons in this blog, royal mails future is in a perilous position and eventually you all will get your wish of many diff mail carriers, i just hope you all earn enough to pay for it because it certaily wont be anywhere near as cheap as what royal mail offers now

1st Nov 2007, 22:31

Sir Raflred Beezer says:

Shut up Pete, you twat. The postal service is bollocks. Your strike ended any sympathy the public may have had for your cause.

I note that your boss Adam Cozier got £1.1M in remuneration for his years work. That must really hurt.

2nd Nov 2007, 13:40

Jimmy says:

Yeah, the 999,000 salary of Adam Crozier does hurt (a 26% pay rise), does that make you happy? I take home about £250 a week for working my arse off in all weathers, and taking increasing abuse from an un-educated tabloid reading public that has absolutely no fucking idea whats really going on. The strikes took place to try and PROTECT the postal service, not damage it. Ask Adam Crozier if his knowledge comes from working 12 years on a heavy delivery or from looking at spreadsheet for a day.

3rd Nov 2007, 03:06

Carpe NLI says:

If those of you who chose to post to this blog found a way to write with some modicum of intelligence, or god forbid from an informed perspective, and without swearing, perhaps more people on the site would pay attention to the issues.

3rd Nov 2007, 07:43

mr bob says:

go bore ya wife,you tit!!! did you pay any attention to that...carpe nli........ nob

3rd Nov 2007, 14:09

mr bob says:

i forgot to say...hope you all enjoy getting ya mail later now....i finish my round at 3.30 wed thr and fri... hope you not waiting in for a parcel...ha ha or important letters... saturday finished at 1.. put in 4 739 cards(item to collect)they got to wait till monday now... hope nothing important ..ha ha .thats ya service now complete crap ..gone are the days you wake up with ya birthday cards all ready there.. you got to go work first and maybe we might have delivered them in time... the regulator screws royal mail and royal mail screw the postmen...and the customers... basically your all screwed now... 10 years ago everyone was happy..customers (getting mail early and on time)postmen(finishing about 11 each day) and royal mail mail(making lots of profit and no competition) now its all fucked up...its not even royal mails fault because regulator fucks them up too ... so hope ya all happy cos trust me postmen arnt . competition is healthy in most sections... but royal mail was one business what shouldnt have competition ,the country needs a reliable postal service. now you have so many companys using royal mail on the cheap for postmen to deliver the mail for the companys.. hope the competition start getting delevery staff soon.... then you will get about 6 deliverys a day at all times ..and then going to different offices to collect ya parcels and important recorded and specials letters... wont that be fun!!!right im going now...too much sugar.... dont forget tip ya postman this christmas!!

3rd Nov 2007, 14:42

Chuckles says:

Hey Carpe: FUCK OFF!

5th Nov 2007, 08:34

Bob says:

Our mail seems to be going in anybodies door. If your lucky somebody reposts it
only for it to be delivered to another wrong address! Roll on 2011 when the Germans will take over the RM.

5th Nov 2007, 17:43

daba says:

where can we collect the mail that has been back logged, as i cant be asked to wait.

13th Nov 2007, 20:45

Stu says:

Im fucking sick to death of the royal mail and every postal worker - you are all useless lazy wankers who dont deserve fuck all . 2 weeks ago i bought 3 items for my wifes birthday that was a week ago. They were shipped first class and i still havent recieved them . 2 days ago i got a card saying that they had tried to deliver and i wasnt in - fine i thought " i'll go online and set it up to be redelivered " I got a confirmation email saying that the items would be delivered today so i stayed in from 6 am after getting home from work till 6 pm , guess what - thats right no fucking postie turned up . Rang customer services who after 10 minutes on hold told me that there was nobody to take my call.If i see a postman on a picket line or hear one moaning about pay and conditions i swear i will fucking run you over .

23rd Nov 2007, 19:30

bob says:

go to the shops and buy ya wife things, instead sitting there online u lazy nob waiting for other people to bring u thing , u fat slob..... dont forget tip ya postie at xmas !!

23rd Nov 2007, 21:19

Kevin Scrivens says:

You guys shoulf try - - a real alternative to Royal Mail. I user them a lot - cheaper than Royal Mail and no strikes.

26th Nov 2007, 13:19

Fuk Royal Mail says:


30th Nov 2007, 17:05

Matt says:

I have 2 parcels currently missing presumed lost/stolen. The first was sent 1st class 3wks ago and the other (a replacement) sent parcel (3-5days) 2wks ago. I have a further 4 parcels en-route but not currently overdue.

To be honest the postal service, has become like public transport and the NHS. For a country with a global ego of being America's best friend, our infrastructure is atrocious.

I sympathise with most posties in the same way i do most doctors and transport workers. The problems stem from the atrocious mis-management by senior staff. That being said, there is a minority of workers in those industries who are complete and utter morons.

Recently i phoned to get a parcel re-delivered and the lady said "Ok .. um .. is your house near a road?" i gave her my address so she could locate the parcel. I was told it would be here next day. It didn't turn up. I phoned and had to leave a message. I got a call back saying "did you speak to a machine or a real person?" It turns out what happened was the original lady found my parcel, crossed the address out and put it back on the van....
If its possible for a machine to do that i'm very scared ;)


5th Dec 2007, 10:31

Sir Raflred Beezer says:

From the bbc website, 7th December 2007:

Thousands of Christmas letters lay undelivered in a Royal Mail depot for a year, it has emerged.
About 4,000 items were found in an area of the Aberdeen Mail Centre that has not been used since last Christmas, following a relocation of equipment.

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: "We would like to offer our sincere apologies to our customers."

The mail will now be delivered. Customers with concerns about missing mail can call 08457 740 740.

The spokesperson said: "This appears to have been an unfortunate human error and no individual has been identified as being responsible.

"However, strong measures have been put in place to ensure this does not happen again.

"The safety and security of mail is of paramount importance to this business and Royal Mail takes every step to ensure that mail reaches customers correctly. Incidents such as this are a rare occurrence."

7th Dec 2007, 13:58

dave says:

fuck royal mail. bunch of incompetent bastards...

24th Dec 2007, 12:22

annoyed says:

Hate list: 1. Traffic wardens
2. Postal workers

Although they can be interchangeable

2nd Jan 2008, 13:54

pissed off says:

Fuck the postmen, if you don't like the job fuck off and get another one you lazy thieves. I've lost so much money because of you fucking up deliverys - fuck you all - cunts.

9th Jan 2008, 22:35

anonymous says:

royal mail, nhs,raiways etc when they all go you fucking wankers will be harping back to the old days you moaning twats .

28th Jan 2008, 17:12

Alfie says:

Because of the level of abusive comments this moblog generates, Im going to restrict comments to logged in members only, in the hopes that people do not get quite as sweary as they seem to. Please keep the language clean everyone, this is a family site.

28th Jan 2008, 17:43