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I'm a British mathematician, been in the Netherlands for 35 years ("chercher la femme"). Recently became a double proud grandfather. Have a compulsion, but it's not secret, to want to correct miscarriages of justice involving abuse of science, see Dhamaka's plea

THE 9-11 was my 50th birthday. That's why I use it in my internet name, but English fashion, 11-9. The other part is my surname.

No-one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition

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Met several of these swimming in Aarhus bay.

Pics bicked from internet, credits: here and here.

The batteries on my camera ran out after one photo... another try tomorrow.

The lions mane jellyfish, or Cyanea Capillata.
28th Jul 2007, 18:34   | tags:,,,,,


minkey says:

Amazingly deadly beautiful.
Is it usual for you to get them?
The last time i was down in Nice we couldn't put a foot in the water as all the coasts in france were plagued with those not too friendly

28th Jul 2007, 18:42

gill1109 says:

Well "usually" is in Holland and mostly we have the sort which don't sting but which are fun to pick up with your hands and throw at your sisters... But now I'm spending a month in Denmark. And there are more of these bad guys than the other ones. People tell me here that when the wind blows from the bad direction you get a lot of them. People tend to go swimming with their t-shirts on.

28th Jul 2007, 18:49

MaggieD says:

That second pic is amazing ...

29th Jul 2007, 18:25

gill1109 says:

Pics borrowed from internet... today I still didn't get batteries for my camera but the monsters were coming drifting in in huge numbers where I swim several times a day. And these internet pictures are exactly what they look like. One of them had tentacles easily two metres long. Sort of beautiful.... They swim up and down. Come up to the surface, sunbath for a moment, then go down again. Hope they'll be there again tomorrow?

29th Jul 2007, 18:29

gill1109 says:

I should add, I'm swimming at a kind of special harbour-like swimming place; the idea is, that it is sheltered and immediately deep enough. And: most people swim naked. But I've decided that circumcision is for deserts, not sea shores.

29th Jul 2007, 18:32

gill1109 says:

A day later the little fellows were still in our swimming harbour, but seem to be dead. Don't know why. Poor things. They still sting just as badly though. Life must be tough when you're a jelly fish.

30th Jul 2007, 11:52

Dhamaka says:

a shame they're dead. Pollution? Maybe they'll blame it on mobile phones ...

30th Jul 2007, 13:12

gill1109 says:

I think it's natural. They belong in deep water and things just aren't right for them close to the shore. Their tentacles get caught up around stones and other unusual objects in the water (like my ...) ... the temperature changes too fast... But on the other hand every year there is a new population explosion and they spread out on the currents, in search of new niches... That's life. That's how humans overrun the planet too.

30th Jul 2007, 13:15

Dhamaka says:

true - and a nice philosophy

30th Jul 2007, 13:15