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Corporate b'stards!

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So now we can't even send a bloody Instant Message at work. What's next? Being chained to our desks?
I hate my job!!!!!
25th Jul 2007, 13:48  


Rich says:

yeah, what sheep said. Watch productivity rise exponentially!

25th Jul 2007, 14:00

mat says:

Speaking as someone who's worked in corporate IT, I'm amazed you were allowed instant messaging in the first place. If I were running your dept, there's no way that would have happened. I am the original IT nazi.. :)

25th Jul 2007, 14:17

goonflower says:

work schmurk... you'll just have to moblog more instead ;)

25th Jul 2007, 15:19

It was actually one of those little things that kept morale up. We're constantly on the phone here, so to be able to have a QUICK chat to a friend or family member was something managers didn't mind (as they did it themselves). I work for a company that is rapidly growing, and as that happens it seems 'they' are forgetting who keeps the place going. Productivity was never a problem and most people never abused this privilege, but it probably will be in the future because employees are un-happy.

25th Jul 2007, 17:44

goonflower says:

It's one thing to never allow it, but another to withdraw it. It's bound to make you feel untrusted, speshly as you were always such a small team. Chin up :) you'll be out of there soon x

25th Jul 2007, 18:59

Essitam says:

I don't even have internet access where i work!!

25th Jul 2007, 21:29

goonflower says: you NEED it? Apart from work you're only offline when you sleep! :D

25th Jul 2007, 21:41

James says:

Yeah, she has to use her mobile to update facebook while she's at work - poor Steph :p

Sharon, I do feel your pain somewhat, being my own boss I can do what I want online, when I want - if someone took that privilege away (if I worked for the man) I think I might cry!

Plus it's a shame - I could have talked to you on IM before today!

26th Jul 2007, 11:42

Spike says:

well, I have IM here, but its just for internal, and not many people have it, no Customer servcies, I really sue it to chat to engineers and others in technology, its damn handy.

im just very glad we cant add external (ie friends/family) i could see that theing a true downfall of productivity!!

26th Jul 2007, 12:27