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All I did was take pictures...
Sy Parrish

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A big day yesterday, watching the Tour de France in London and meeting some marvelous people (Dhamaka, Minkey, Maggie, Crickson, Spiderbaby: it was a real pleasure). It's going to take a while to sift through all the photos I took but here's a few from early in the day.
8th Jul 2007, 11:46   | tags:,,,


minkey says:

men in tights :-) Indeed a great day and lots of fun and nice people :-)
Where did you get saucisson AB organic...

8th Jul 2007, 12:04

harimanjaro says:

From Waitrose. They had some passably good Comte as well.

8th Jul 2007, 12:12

Nice series of shots, sjame we couldnt get therebut had a 7oth celebration to go to

8th Jul 2007, 12:26

swamprose says:

that top copper shot is lovely. I do like you brits. All that terrorism stuff, and hey, big concert at Wembley and the Tour de France. not afraid, are we?

8th Jul 2007, 12:34

Viv says:

looks like fun

8th Jul 2007, 12:39

i can hardly bear to look

8th Jul 2007, 13:10

harimanjaro says:

SLG: a 70th birthday is once in a lifetime, but after the reception the tour got in London yesterday I think it will be back.

SW: Afraid? Don't know what it means! The police were superb, they were waiting at the bottom of a footbridge which they proceeded to cross in a very orderly single file.

Viv: it was enormous fun

Hobo: but not that much fun, no, you wouldn't have enjoyed it at all ;-)

8th Jul 2007, 13:56

Dhamaka says:

lovely series
.. so.... that was the picnic

it was fun indeed :)

Apparently a million people..

8th Jul 2007, 14:01

harimanjaro says:

...and most of them taller than us :-)

8th Jul 2007, 14:02

Dhamaka says:

speaking personally, that's not difficult..

8th Jul 2007, 14:35

minkey says:

being vertically challenged didn't help, but i remember that some of you were slightly more agile :-)

8th Jul 2007, 16:29

MaggieD says:

Great set of pics, good to meet you and your cycling friends :)

8th Jul 2007, 18:26

harimanjaro says:

Maggie: lovely to meet you too, looking forward to next time.

095: I wonder...

9th Jul 2007, 12:59