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A 366-day pursuit in personal portraiture, presented by nige.

The challenge: to photograph, and post to this moblog, a portrait shot of myself, every single day, over the next year. Apparently, it's much harder than it sounds...

Perhaps more challenging: that i don't enjoy seeing my phizog in a photo at the best of times, and knowing that i'm probably going to annoy the hell out of the moblog community in doing this. So, sincere apologies in advance for this undertaking, but i just can't help myself. I promise to try and be creative, so you won't have to look at my mug every day.

Anyone interested in joining me? I think i'm probably going to need the company...

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i've snorted far too much water. euuuuch.


Helen says:

That's one hell of a shower

7th Jul 2007, 21:05

Helen says:

How did you get the title upside down? Or has that cider just gone straight to my head?

7th Jul 2007, 21:07

mr.nige says:

actually it was a jug of water, but for the purposes of my upside down writing, it was an upside down shower.

7th Jul 2007, 21:07

mr.nige says:

i think it's the cider...

7th Jul 2007, 21:07

FilbertFox says:

must the the cider Helen

7th Jul 2007, 21:08

Helen says:


Oh well, that should make life cheap.

7th Jul 2007, 21:09

mr.nige says:

7th Jul 2007, 21:10

JokerXL says:

¡???u loo? os s,????

7th Jul 2007, 21:19

nige says:

¡?n? ?n

7th Jul 2007, 21:24

FilbertFox says:

?o? no? s?o?s ?uo??os u??? ?? ?,u?? ?s??

7th Jul 2007, 21:57

Sprocket says:


7th Jul 2007, 22:00

Tori says:

Making a serious
S P L A S H!
Love it.

7th Jul 2007, 22:02

nige says:

??z??? ??u ? p?????s ??,?? ?u??? ?

7th Jul 2007, 22:02

nige says:

??u????? u?op ?p?sdn pu??s??pun ?luo u?? ?? ???o? ???os

7th Jul 2007, 22:03

Sprocket says:

¡???s ou

7th Jul 2007, 22:03

?n?o????NLI says:

¿s??? ???l

7th Jul 2007, 22:04

Sprocket says:

¿¿¿¿?noq? uo s,??s ???? ??p? ou ??,?

7th Jul 2007, 22:04

nige says:


7th Jul 2007, 22:05

swamprose says:

??? ?? ??? ????????? ????????? bfish ??????????? ? ???????.

7th Jul 2007, 22:09

nige says:

?u?op ?p?sdn ?o ???n?u?l ??? ???ds ?luo ? '???os ?lq?????

7th Jul 2007, 22:11

swamprose says:

it's Russian. you can get into it...sorry, Louise is singing. what about those foo fighters? rocking the neighbourhood. geez, I love music.

7th Jul 2007, 22:22

swamprose says:

a woman who plays guitar has got to be one of the sexiest things around. I love that she has a fleet of male dancers. she curled her hair. want to know more?

7th Jul 2007, 22:27

nige says:

i do. she sounds fab.

7th Jul 2007, 22:28

swamprose says:

she just brought on golgol bordello, some of my favourite guys. a workin mom. makes me happy.

7th Jul 2007, 22:34

nige says:


7th Jul 2007, 22:35

swamprose says:

there are screens downtown the size of building showing this with everyone dancing.

I dry my wash outside. I ride a bike. I pay my electricity bill to a more expensive company that only uses wind and water. I grow native plants. but the bees are gone. the air in my city is polluted. there are things in my water that no one knows about. the polar bears are dying. the innu are seeing fish and birds they have no words for.

my carbon footprint is small. I do not have any control over my air or water. I liked the concert, mostly old guys, but okay to clean floors by. I take it all very seriously. sorry. but I care what kind of world we leave behind. oscar deserves better.

7th Jul 2007, 22:45

Helen says:

Arrrrrghh. Several ciders later.

7th Jul 2007, 23:44


7th Jul 2007, 23:48

Helen says:

Becky says you're just being facetious Nige.

7th Jul 2007, 23:50

nige says:

and you disagree with Becky?

8th Jul 2007, 00:47

minkey says:

??lol ??u???s ?x?u ?? ?o? ?? ?sn ?????????? ?? ??

8th Jul 2007, 01:21

Dhamaka says:


nice shot

u?op ?p?sdn u???

8th Jul 2007, 02:25

Helen says:

I'm not sure I can think anything through that far

8th Jul 2007, 04:18

¡???u ?? ?o?s ?u?ll??x?

8th Jul 2007, 09:34

(: ?x? loo? '???u ?o?s ???s??u??

8th Jul 2007, 10:11

???u says:

???pu?lo? ? ???l sl??? p??? ?? ?????? ?u???ous ?o s?????? ??? ?u?????ns ll??s ?,? ?u??? ? ?ll? s?u???

8th Jul 2007, 12:41

Helen says:

Stoppit, stoppit, stoppit.

8th Jul 2007, 12:43

nige says:

hahaha. too many ciders, Helen. too many ciders...

8th Jul 2007, 12:50

WhoseShoes says:

my head aches trying to read upside down

8th Jul 2007, 12:52

Helen says:

And from left to right, no right to left. I'm fine with the cider, it's the vodka on top. Actually I feel surprisingly ok-ish. Must be impending studenthood.

8th Jul 2007, 13:01

nige says:

you back this September?

8th Jul 2007, 13:24

Helen says:

Yeah, it all kicks off in September : )

I'm glad you're the right way round again, for some reason I do find it most sinister.

8th Jul 2007, 13:35

nige says:

i'm having to hang upside down to write this way up, i've gone so used to it.

good luck for September, you legal-eagle, you (it is law you're studying, right?)

8th Jul 2007, 13:39

Helen says:

Yup. Thanks.

It's probably very easy to get used to writing like that. We're very good at finding words in things.

8th Jul 2007, 13:46

JokerXL says:

Blood rushing to your head?
I know the feeling (trying to read it all)

8th Jul 2007, 17:37

MaggieD says:

bucket of cold water would go down quite nicely right now ..... so tired .... but hey, just two weeks to go the summer hols :)

8th Jul 2007, 20:52

nige says:

keep it going maggie. you'll soon be sleeping in...

9th Jul 2007, 09:22

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