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1. Tram, Blackpool.

2. Gordon practises his stage entrance, Blackpool.

3. Lunch, Copenhagen.

4. Big Owen love, Copenhagen.

5. Russell about to get 'Biffed' on Pro Evolution.

6. Bye bye, Biffy.

7. "Adriiiiiaaaaaaaaan!" - Philadelphia Museum Of Art

8. Asbury Lanes, NJ.

9. Nevada.

10. End of tour makeover, Alpine, CA.

3rd Jul 2007, 16:15  

Lorenz(lorenz_vercauteren-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

nice pictures ^^
I'm going to see you at the lotto arena in Antwerp , Belgium in november. It's still far away but this weekend I saw your performance on Rock Werchter, live on the internet. It made me happy, my best friend even called me during "I still remember" ;-) . I only went one day to Werchter (sunday, Faithless was so great ^^).
See you in November! Have fun on the tour! x

3rd Jul 2007, 17:08

Presly says:

Yeah, I was there at the Alpine Show. Pretty epic show that they performed.

3rd Jul 2007, 19:41

Anne says:

The wonders of having glasses! I love sticking objects behind my glasses for fun.

3rd Jul 2007, 23:49

sofia(ramon7117-at-sbcglobal-dot-net) says:

what the hell is Matt doing! he looks like me when i'm drunk!

7th Jul 2007, 04:42

James says:

Biffy & Pro Evo? Sounds like a great night in!

7th Jul 2007, 21:18

primaa says:

saw you guys on MTV. Damn great!

8th Jul 2007, 12:44

Fatimah says:

I like the girls hair in the last pic. I wish my hair could be that cool!

10th Jul 2007, 04:07

Sabbie says:

lovely lovely pictures! most particularly Gordy's entrance in blackpool.

13th Jul 2007, 11:20

Nettie(www-dot-mycoldplay-dot-com) says:

Fantastic pictures, esp that sillouhette of Russell,

That sausage is looking rather....

And, isn't that the girl from The Noisettes?

15th Jul 2007, 20:24

Cristina(spanish-dot-candle-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

I've just felt in love with Mark Owen's paint, XDDDD!!

Hoping to see here soon Madrid Summercase's pics, where I definetly flew with your music... :-)

If you need something in your next visit to the city, tortilla, a guide or something, just write me... I ought it to u.

Muchos besos!

16th Jul 2007, 15:21

Jasmine(rossettarossa-at-aol-dot-com) says:

That girl in the last pic looks alot like Shingai, from the Noisettes.

23rd Jul 2007, 04:00

Tanya says:

Because it is Shingai from the Noisettes. They opened the entire U.S tour with the Maccabees.

26th Jul 2007, 19:24

millimedienkind says:

more pictures like that.

29th Jul 2007, 09:16

cecile says:

who take the pics and who write the coms ??!

30th Jul 2007, 22:09

Bethany says:

haha... you guys... you mean... asbury park... not asbury lanes..... but that was a cool concert.... i was there

11th Aug 2007, 01:34

Miguel Grilo(cadavermi-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

I'm still hoping i could get two picks for 2 veg fans remenber russel, in lisbon? If you could send my adress is Rua Gonçalves Crespo Nº66 1ºF 2775-579 Carcavelos Portugal
P.s: tank you for the set list, Gordon!

11th Aug 2007, 01:38

bethany says:

my bad scratch that.... i found out what asbury lanes is.... sorry guys.... lol *feels stupid*

14th Aug 2007, 01:56

millimedienkind says:

more pics, peliiiiiiiiiiissssssseeeeeeee! Wanna know, what´s happening around the bloc? See you guys in Stuttgart, Are you coming to the oktoberfest before that?Ask Matt he must know by now. Checked Berlin the other day, it´s nice to have one blochead here. Hahaha

20th Aug 2007, 18:40

Rosie says:

I wish you guys would come to Winnipeg in Canada!! I'm trying to save up some cash to come see you guys on my b-day when your in Manchester in December..That would be wicked since you guys look like your absolutly amazing live..:) by the way nice pics fella's

8th Sep 2007, 02:27