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A 366-day pursuit in personal portraiture, presented by nige.

The challenge: to photograph, and post to this moblog, a portrait shot of myself, every single day, over the next year. Apparently, it's much harder than it sounds...

Perhaps more challenging: that i don't enjoy seeing my phizog in a photo at the best of times, and knowing that i'm probably going to annoy the hell out of the moblog community in doing this. So, sincere apologies in advance for this undertaking, but i just can't help myself. I promise to try and be creative, so you won't have to look at my mug every day.

Anyone interested in joining me? I think i'm probably going to need the company...

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20th Jun 2007, 14:55   | tags:,,,,


RickyGee says:

Fighting out of the red corner, weighing people in like there's no tomorrow....From Milton Keynes, it's Nigel 'The Chocolate Thunder' Edgecccccoooooommmmmbbbbbeeeee...Great pic blood

20th Jun 2007, 15:46

factotum says:

Is it going to be an angry, brooding year?

20th Jun 2007, 16:01

nige says:

thanks Gee man.

i have many shades, facto. many shades. no anger today. this is just a boxing glove that lies around in our office, which i donned and snapped.

20th Jun 2007, 16:05

minkey says:

Ha Ha Ha....can i borrow the glove pleaaaseeee.....could do with a sandbag as well
Great shot btw :-)

20th Jun 2007, 17:30

Sprocket says:

A boxing glove in the office! Is that to keep the minions in order?

20th Jun 2007, 17:39

nige says:

better send Griff over and we'll duke it out, t.

everyone has to face the glove sometimes, sprocket, but i have a velvet touch, so, you know, it doesnt hurt...too much.

20th Jun 2007, 17:45

bronxelf says:

awesome. Well done.

20th Jun 2007, 18:11

just noticed tag 'dailyme', made me chuckle :)

nice one man, 'Hat Of Power' next...

20th Jun 2007, 18:29

Dhamaka says:

very cool shot

20th Jun 2007, 20:08

factotum says:

Crossbows?! one for every employee? For "circling the wagons and shooting inwards?" (that may be a North American metaphor)

21st Jun 2007, 04:49

lilitiger says:

Mr Nige, sir, what a good project! Knowing the story, I like this shot even more.
I think with all these tests and discipline we impose on ourselves, it's getting through the ordinariness of it, once the honeymoon is over, that really gets you... and really cultivates you - just like life then..? :-)

Got a friend who just completed her 111111 prostrations (a buddhist thing), and I must say I'm a little envious of those setting off on such a journey, like yours and hers.

I would like to join you, but right now I'm on another journey, and it seems ill-timed to do so.

Go for it, Nige!

21st Jun 2007, 09:30

nige says:

*still reeling over the crossbow thing*

lilitiger - thanks! the 111111 prostrations is much more involved, i think, but no doubt this project will definitely get harder as the days go by. we'll see. good luck with your own journey.

21st Jun 2007, 10:05

MaggieD says:

I wish you the best of luck .... and now that you have competition we really could open a book .... my money is on Kyoob .....

21st Jun 2007, 19:13

nige says:

thanks for your support maggie. hmmph. we'll see...kyoob has been very quiet today. maybe he's forgotten!

21st Jun 2007, 19:20

nige says:

hehe. bored already? wow.

i won't just do headshots, no. in fact, when i looked at the flickr group on this, they counted any part of the body, or your shadow, as a worthy shot. i guess it can be anything to do with your image, really.

22nd Jun 2007, 09:39

nige says:

roll with the haziness, i say. embrace the blur!

22nd Jun 2007, 18:41

jc1000000 says:

Totally bwad.

23rd Jun 2007, 23:59

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