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18th Jun 2007, 13:17   | tags:,,,

Dhamaka says:

very nice nige

18th Jun 2007, 13:18

nige says:


18th Jun 2007, 13:21

kyoob says:

oooh matrix-y

18th Jun 2007, 13:21

hildegard says:

Blimey - that works. Now I'm nervous of the Tube again...

18th Jun 2007, 13:23

minkey says:

can't wait to take the tube :-) just wish it was always like that

18th Jun 2007, 13:26

nige says:

don't go down there - monstaaaars live down there.

18th Jun 2007, 13:31

Sprocket says:

the Death Star will be in range in 30 seconds - standby - standby - fire -

18th Jun 2007, 13:33

Ooh, this looks really cool!

18th Jun 2007, 13:40

seaneeboy says:

Super, well done that fella :)

18th Jun 2007, 13:43

nige says:

thanks, but i think the laserbeam missed.

oh, hang on a blew up Alderaan instead.

18th Jun 2007, 13:44

seaneeboy says:

I think I need more coffee. I first read that as "it blew up aberdeen instead" :)

18th Jun 2007, 13:44

nige says:

hahaha. i'll get you a double shot, seanee

18th Jun 2007, 13:46

minkey says:

Scotland being attacked...Think i also need coffee...

18th Jun 2007, 14:04

540air says:

Nice one dude, looks like you "used the force" ;)

18th Jun 2007, 14:31

nige says:

thanks man.

thanks for the highlight.

*hands coffee to minkey...and another to seanee*

18th Jun 2007, 14:59

minkey says:

Thanks nige
*good coffee*

18th Jun 2007, 15:03

headless says:

Hey great shot,

Well done on HL

18th Jun 2007, 15:04

swamprose says:

nice one, maestro.

18th Jun 2007, 15:06

nige says:

cheers headless, and swamprose - a pleasure ; )

18th Jun 2007, 15:14

bronxelf says:

Woo nice one, buddy.

18th Jun 2007, 15:19

factotum says:

*clinks coffee cups

18th Jun 2007, 15:37

kostika says:

Nice use of colour and reflection.

18th Jun 2007, 15:59

Sprocket says:

Actually I think it blew up Aldershot - and good riddance.

18th Jun 2007, 18:23

Caine says:

Ooh, nice one Nige!

18th Jun 2007, 19:11

taniwha says:

Reminds me of Time Tunnel. Anyone remember Time Tunnel?

18th Jun 2007, 19:53

nige says:

never been to Aldershot. looks like i won't get the chance now.

t, you were the only one who watched Time Tunnel.

18th Jun 2007, 21:01

minkey says:

NOOOOO...time tunnel even crossed over to France...T: you are not alone lol

18th Jun 2007, 21:23

taniwha says:

Good on ya Minkey.

What are you going to say next Nige? You never saw teh Tomorrow People?

18th Jun 2007, 21:39

FilbertFox says:

i think only us oldies remember Time Tunnel and Tomorrow's People

18th Jun 2007, 22:03

taniwha says:

blimey ... I'm now an oldie!

18th Jun 2007, 22:12

Groovicron says:

Lovely shot.

The thing I loved about Time Tunnel was that in every fight they were constantly grabbing the opponents arms, falling backwards and kicking them over their heads. Constantly. They just NEVER got bored of that move.

Oh and you've gotta love YouTube for this kinda thing.

18th Jun 2007, 22:21

OJ says:

Tunnnnel! Very nice.

18th Jun 2007, 23:53

Viv says:


19th Jun 2007, 00:47

Jigalong says:

Nice one

19th Jun 2007, 05:37

SpoonZ says:

SpoonZ felt a terrible disturbance in the force, as if thousands of voices cried out in pain and were suddenly silenced. Great photo, and a worthy HL

19th Jun 2007, 06:37

taniwha says:

Spoonz - well, your buddy should have told them where the plans were. Jeez! These family spats.

19th Jun 2007, 09:49

chocolate says:

matrix reloaded-ish.
very spacey, great shot !

19th Jun 2007, 15:46

my favorite shot was the puddle. that was halarious. is that your foot? you really must have wanted to get where you were going. i do hope it was worth it. great pics. thanks,

20th Jun 2007, 10:21

mara says:


20th Jun 2007, 14:51

alicat9 says:


15th Jul 2007, 12:29