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They still don't convey the sheer crapness. That first dip is about a foot
deep. at least.
15th Jun 2007, 20:31  


mara says:

I have to show you the disaster of the Florentine streets!!

15th Jun 2007, 20:53

Viv says:

that happens on our lane - then they fill it then 6 months later........ and so on - but those holes are lethal and when filled with water - non locals could end up in real trouble!

15th Jun 2007, 21:09

we've been here 4 years now Viv and these holes have always been like this!

15th Jun 2007, 21:11

Caine says:

Yikes, that's bad. We only have asphalt roads from the freeway to Almont, then Almont proper. After that, the roads are dirt/scoria. Almont does keep the roads in good condition.

15th Jun 2007, 22:44

f***ing evil for cycling! both Jenks and Churchy are alloy frames, which is much stiffer (so less shock absorbent) than steel and I'm seriously thinking of trading them both in for one good steel framed bike.

16th Jun 2007, 01:43


Your use of a 4x4 is assumed P. The fact is that the money spent on roads is not keeping pace with the increased wear and tear of more and unnecessarily bigger vehicles. The main road next to my street in London has been showing bare Victorian cobbles for months now. Nothing done. Soon that bedrock will be breaking up.

16th Jun 2007, 13:22

JokerXL says:

Ouch! that'd do yer bum in, super-saddle or no.

16th Jun 2007, 13:50

FilbertFox says:

i put my hands up to having passed through Belgium more often than i have stopped to spend money there

16th Jun 2007, 17:36

JokerXL says:

Belgium sucks, trust me.

16th Jun 2007, 17:39

FilbertFox says:

we had a very nice few days holiday there. My gran died when we were there, but as she was back home in Blighty i don't think we can blame that on them

16th Jun 2007, 17:42

JokerXL says:

I could/would

16th Jun 2007, 17:44

FilbertFox says:

she was 98

but i do still miss the dear old bird

16th Jun 2007, 17:45

"CYCLIST says: Your use of a 4x4 is assumed P." well you assume wrong dude, I don't possess a powered vehicle of any kind!

16th Jun 2007, 23:08


On my bike in London I just feel outnumbered. In rural Wales I feel like some sort of Alien.

18th Jun 2007, 02:00

yeah have to agree there cyclist! I bought my road bike from a dude in Catford last year, and we went over and stayed with some friends in Twickenham for the weekend. Cycling from Catford to Twickenham on an unfamiliar bike was something else!

18th Jun 2007, 10:24