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I'm a tarot reader and hobby astrologer just about all the time I'm not grooming dogs. I've been reading for about ten years now and have a lovely website created for me by my talented web designing, show producing and ever charming Irish man. We're doing live tarot chats these days which include free one card readings for all viewers and free flowing question and answer sessions. We've also set up a forum as well as a blog on the site. Come by and check us out.

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Light pink Faith

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Faith is a much more reasonable light pink this week. She's a little brighter in person than this picture, but not nearly so bright that you need sunglasses to look at her.
12th Jun 2007, 15:34   | tags:,,,,,


mtn_hermit says:

OK, now I'm going to have Timbuk3 singing "The poodle's so bright, I gotta wear shades" running through my head for the rest of the day. Stupid inner DJ...

12th Jun 2007, 16:50

lupaloo says:

:) So happy I could help.

12th Jun 2007, 17:02

silar31 says:

I have to ask...why dye her? White/cream poodles are so gorgeous naturally...I just don't get the dyeing. I have a friend in Canada who breeds standard poodles....I regularly threaten to kidnap her cream girl I adore her so. Someday I'll have one of her grandpuppies :-).

13th Jun 2007, 02:10

lupaloo says:

It started with my first standard girl, who was also a rescue. I just wanted to see if I could get a fun color. I found that we got such a great reaction that I kept playing with the color and methods until I got the results I wanted.

I'm sort of a hippy girl. I can't stand artificial fragrances and I very rarely wear make up. I'm not the sort of person you would expect to walk around with a fluffy fancy dog, much less one that is pink. Faith boggles peoples minds a bit when they see her. She makes them smile and sometimes she (and I) pisses them off.

So why not have a surreal pink poodle to shake things up? Also, she has some pretty significant staining that I'm working on clearing up. When her skin is better and her coat has recovered I may just keep her white for a while but right now she wouldn't be a gorgeous white poodle.

13th Jun 2007, 02:54

silar31 says:

Hehehe...yeah, I see that, as I'm not terribly girly myself. I've seen toy poodles coloured before (we used to have a blue one in to the kennel!) but she's the first standard I've seen.

13th Jun 2007, 03:14