Red Filbert has attractive red leaves and produces small but very tasty nuts

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Who needs ears

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I decided that this puppet would look better with mad hair rather than ears. Thank you Spiderbaby and Crickson. FBW thought it was a gingerbread man!
10th Jun 2007, 22:38  

crickson says:

Excellent! It has Spiderbaby's hair!

10th Jun 2007, 22:41

Sprocket says:

spaghetti hair and chocolate button toeses - good enough to eat.

10th Jun 2007, 22:52

Viv says:

that was such a creative fun pack they gave you - somehow missed it - hope it's a good year!

10th Jun 2007, 23:47

and your weekend mileage is?

11th Jun 2007, 00:28

JokerXL says:

Aw, who's a clever Fox then?

11th Jun 2007, 09:44

FilbertFox says:

Mr Hobo sir please forgive me. The winter vomitting virus has left me with gut pains. So after not being on the bike for 2 weeks i tried yesterday, every bump felt like my guts were being ripped out, so just a short 25 miler. The good news being that muscles etc were not troubled in the slightest. First time out with new shoes, cleats, pedals etc, left cleat engages/disengages fine, cant get right one to clip in at all, will try to trouble shoot it in next day or so.

Crickson - will try and complete other puppets this week, they wont all have Spidersbaby's hair i dont think

11th Jun 2007, 10:10

it looked like a gingerbread man before it had hair on!

11th Jun 2007, 10:48

ouch says:

I have to work for a living these days and spend ages in Munich, Helsinki and elsewhere with little time for moblogging. I will join in now and again!

15th Jun 2007, 18:13

FilbertFox says:

good oh Ouch, we do miss you

15th Jun 2007, 18:40

MaggieD says:

Hope you are feeling better now FF, and that puppet looks so like me first thing in the morning that it is more than a little disconcerting .....

16th Jun 2007, 18:50

sorry FF, missed this reply by a few days - the cleat sockets on your pedals are adjustable for tension - there's a little hex key nut at the back of the pedal, try loosening the right one a little. glad you're getting on OK with them, hope the tummy trouble passes.

18th Jun 2007, 11:04