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Knowledge pursues me but I am faster.......

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.......

.......One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

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No. 55 The New Olympic Logo .......

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The new Olympic Logo
Has caused a mass debate
It's designer chic, and cheerful
(That you love or that you hate).

The designers have assured us
That it will be a hit
But its very flashiness,
Will make some throw a fit.

Well, the lovely Dhamaka
Has made her feelings known
(her actual words, unprintable,
Unsuitable for this pome).

D really should not despair,
And please do not get cross,
In the great scheme of things,
Who gives a cabers toss ?
8th Jun 2007, 12:18   | tags:,,

seaneeboy says:

Hehehehe. Brill.

And I really giggled at "Pome" :D

8th Jun 2007, 12:22

Geodyne says:

You've done it yet again. Maggie. And I love the grasping hand!

8th Jun 2007, 12:27


8th Jun 2007, 12:34

taniwha says:

Very nice. Like the distraught pose.

8th Jun 2007, 12:35

Dhamaka says:

It's brilliant Maggie
What a way to be immortalised though..

I like the distraught pose too. Must practice it for other occasions.

I guess it's one of the final nails in the coffin of my national pride.

Recently someone I quite liked gave me a considerable ear bashing about Brits in general. While his behaviour was unnecessarily negative it has made me more than usually aware about how the British are perceived. I think this logo reinforces many of the more negative perceptions / cultural cliches with which he regaled me.

So - who gives a cabers toss?

*makes wry smile


(btw - can I use the image?)

8th Jun 2007, 12:57

MaggieD says:

Thanks folks :)
Just off out to lunch ....
D: Happy for you to use image :)

8th Jun 2007, 13:02

nige says:

hahaha. loving that guy stealing D's bike!

8th Jun 2007, 13:13

Caine says:

Brilliant, Maggie! I agree with Dhamaka, but that's my perspective as an artist. In the greater scheme of things, no it doesn't matter. Still, it's not the best design...

8th Jun 2007, 13:23

ViX says:

Haha, love it!

8th Jun 2007, 13:54

ElphsHouse says:

This is awesome!
Unlike the logo, which looks like it says zo i'z.

8th Jun 2007, 14:08

Dhamaka says:

Maggie's toons are always great

(used here)

(edit - love the way my clothing coordinate with my bike and the logo)

8th Jun 2007, 14:24

paintist says:

great friday addition maggie
for the record I am with D ....

8th Jun 2007, 15:36

minkey says:

Love the cartoon :-) greeing with everyone on the logo ...., but what do i know i'm one of those foreigner lol

8th Jun 2007, 15:40

Essitam says:

Brilliant, but I'm with D, for the money it cost what doea it really say about us??

8th Jun 2007, 17:54

JokerXL says:

XL-ent Maggie!

Watch out D, your bike's gonna be a gonner!

As for the LoGo,
I quite like it , , , ,
, , , I'll get me coat.

8th Jun 2007, 18:06

MaggieD says:

Thanks folks :)
I also happen to agree with D .... but I do find it hard to get 'worked up' by it ..... I think Britain has a lot more to answer for than just crappy logos ..... and there are more important things that should be up there in the headlines (see Hildegard's comments on the subject) but I do understand that in certain areas (especially in the sort of job that D does) that things like this do matter and it is such a shame that in a country like this, where excellent young designers are out of work that something as poor as this has been chosen as the 'national' symbol .........

8th Jun 2007, 18:20

FilbertFox says:

for the record i would like to stay that i was not nicking D's bike, i was just having a look to see if it was better than mine...

8th Jun 2007, 21:03

anonymous says:

FF: Now how many times have I heard that one ...... "I was not nicking it, miss, just checking it out" ......

8th Jun 2007, 21:29

MaggieD says:

Nonymouse was me :) ......

8th Jun 2007, 21:30

FilbertFox says:

but but but, it aint as purple as mine so don't want it

8th Jun 2007, 21:40

MaggieD says:

I know you can't see it from the pic, but that bike it a super charged, 24 gear, gel seated, hyper sprung, self lubricating, colour changing (changes colour to match your mood or hair colour) state of the art bit of top notch cycle technology ........

8th Jun 2007, 21:52

FilbertFox says:

in that case then i am glad i did nick it and i aint gonna give it back

8th Jun 2007, 21:54

minkey says:

gel seated...hmmm...i might have a look at it...a certain part of my person suffered today....

8th Jun 2007, 22:18

MaggieD says:

Minkey .... sorry to say this is just a fantasy bike ... :(

8th Jun 2007, 22:28

Jigalong says:

Love your work Maggie.

As for the logo, it not my my taste, the 0 looks like an outline of Aust. But dont worry, I'm pretty sure that this logo didn't go to a national vote, someone would have had to have made an executive decision on this one :)

8th Jun 2007, 22:53

frog51 says:

The logo is, in my humbloe opinion, one of the biggest piles of **** our country has produced in years.

But I always like your pictures:-)

9th Jun 2007, 00:54

Dhamaka says:

Maggie - that's a bike I'd love to own
FF - you're welcome to ... ahem... borrow it.. at any time provided you don't mind my taking candid shots of you wherever you are and whatever you're doing in return

9th Jun 2007, 07:06

MaggieD says:

Thank you Jigalong and Frog :)

9th Jun 2007, 18:14

minkey says:

going back to the logo (sorry D) one of my friend just realised todaythat it was meant to say 2012...
maggie your fantasy bike seems better than mine :-(

9th Jun 2007, 19:19

chocolate says:

this one is really great, i love it!

10th Jun 2007, 12:45

MaggieD says:

Minkey: It took me a while to realise that too!
Thanks Chocolate :)

10th Jun 2007, 16:35

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