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Acoustic session at the Primavera Sound (Barcelona 2007)

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The quality is not very good, but it was not my camera so this is all I
could do.

posted by XelenarendezvousX

5th Jun 2007, 11:00  

spastica says:

what? no Duncan??

5th Jun 2007, 13:57

spastica says:

we took two polaroids, but Celia's supposed to post them some time this... year, lolz.

5th Jun 2007, 13:58

spastica says:

haha yeah, Celia told me that. It's funny 'cause people keep recognising me and not her for some reason, when she's postes quite a lot of polaroids with Paul and the rest and I must be in two of them! Were you first row at the "proper" gig? We were first row in front of Lukas, that's our spot, ahahahhaha.

5th Jun 2007, 15:57

spastica says:

hahaha oh I didn't see you at all. Well, I don't think I would have recognised you, because I've only seen that picture of you you posted at that "pictures of us" thread at the forum. We weren't drunk at all but we were spazzy all day. God, I'd been spazzy about the whole thing for weeks. Basically since we last saw them in London in May. Did you see Lukas's glowing addiddas trainers? they were made of win, and all.

5th Jun 2007, 18:43

spastica says:

haahaha I fell in love with Tom wearing shorts with SOCKS :__) Not at the gig though, the day before.

5th Jun 2007, 20:43

paul says:

hey does anyone know where i can find one of them adidas caps smithy wheres all the time? i cant seem to find it anywhere and i would love one..

6th Jun 2007, 01:51

meimipop says:

They're not red shoes elena! they're glow-in-daylight neon orange XD
Okaaay going to scan the Polaroids now though they're not really good, at least Duncan is in one of them...

6th Jun 2007, 11:32

clara says:

Heyy!Moblog's decided to let me login.
Great pix Elena.I see you've got your C copyright sorted.Very important that,I had a bad experience once with copyright...
@Paul-Adidas cap was probably a freebie from the company.I like Paul's black wristband.

6th Jun 2007, 12:55

spastica says:

yeah, they were there the day before, too. I saw Tom and Duncan when I was waiting for Celia (she was AN HOUR late by the way), and then bumped into Lukas like a thousand times that day and on Friday.

Quizás no los viste porque no estabas buscando en los lugares indicados (ie. barras) jajajajja

6th Jun 2007, 15:23

spastica says:

si si las barras de al lado de los escenarios, seguro que se pasaron alli toda la noche! nosotras sólo les vimos una vez pero bueno, no me costaría nada creer que estuvieron allí un buen rato, jajaja.

I don't like A LOT of clothing both Paul and Lukas seem to love, and those trainers were the kind of awuful that you end up loving, hahhaa. We laughed all the way back from the festival that night thinking of his trainers and The Mighty Boosh (look at them shine! look at them shine!).

6th Jun 2007, 16:38


7th Jun 2007, 02:15

meimipop says:

You're revealing too much Irene (look at them shine!) . I was late because I didn't skipped classes like you did!

I liked the shoes, it was easy to spot him from afar. And I'm the fashion expert here so I can't be wrong, he.

I'm suffering post-festival depression, I wonder when they'll come back, Paul said "see you soon" but I forgot to ask him when exactly was soon :P

7th Jun 2007, 09:24

spastica says:

yes, soon soon soon!
meh, my emo-ness has reached pathetic levels I'm not going to write about here. Also, I can't listen to OEP anymore.

ps. even if I hadn't skipped classes, I wouldn't have been late! I don't mind though, despite the wind completely ruining my hair, I saw Tom in shorts and socks and that was the highlight of my day, probably. Okay, I'm going to shut up now.

7th Jun 2007, 11:08

paul says:

whats on the wristband he has on? cant make it out..

11th Jun 2007, 00:16

meimipop says:

I think it's just the Nike Air logo, could be wrong though.

11th Jun 2007, 23:56