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Welcome to Seth Lakeman's moblog... This is the place to see all the Seth pictures / videos that you guys have sent in. You can easily post to this group via the web by simply joining, and more easily keep up to date with Seth's moblog updates. Send us text, pictures and videos by SMS or MMS to: 07786201241 with the keyword seth at the start of the message, or by email to:


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Seth in Florence

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I apologize for the bad quality...

Ecco Windows Live Hotmail: 2 GB e protezione antispam, GRATIS!
1st Jun 2007, 00:44  

Paola(mab-at-blackvelvetrose-dot-com) says:

I was at the concert (in Milan) this evening. You were wonderful!! I loved the music, the violin, the voice, the band, the lyrics... WOW!
I tried to buy the cd, but it was sold out. :/ I'll buy it on Amazon! THANKS! THANKS A LOT!

Paola (Italy)

1st Jun 2007, 02:42

babs says:

Thankyou for the pic. They are rather good aren't they. :0)

Is the wicket keeper there to catch the pairs of knickers??


1st Jun 2007, 09:37

lady c says:

is seth shrinking?

1st Jun 2007, 12:13

babs says:


*runs like the wind to get bicycle pump.

1st Jun 2007, 16:47

babs says:

(looks forward to germany pics and hopes beyond hope for lederhosen.)

1st Jun 2007, 16:53

maymay says:

he's crouching silly!

1st Jun 2007, 17:13

babs says:

*runs in with bicycle pump at the ready.

never mind then. I'll keep it handy just incase though.

1st Jun 2007, 18:15

Emilio(misterb_3-at-yahoo-dot-it) says:

I saw you in Florence...YOU ARE REALLY GREAT!!!
you have so much energy and passion, you really impressed me.
i hope you'll come back in Italy soon.
can't wait to see you again.

1st Jun 2007, 21:07

Emma says:

awww, Seth, they liked you! they really really liked you!

The boy done good it appears. Now world domination will surely follow ;-)

1st Jun 2007, 21:16

babs says:

*gets map and little fiddles ready and big stick to push them around with and a big light to shine down on map and a bunker somewhere secret to put a big table in to put map on over which big light will shine.
*wonders what uniforms will look like.

1st Jun 2007, 21:50

Messenger's daughter says:

How about pink leather??

1st Jun 2007, 21:51

Messenger's daughter says:

....with extra pockets for tenting and hamsters

1st Jun 2007, 21:52

becky says:

Babs, he's clearly already conquered Minsk and surrounding areas judging by latest resgiseted member to the Mire ;)

1st Jun 2007, 22:02

babs says:

pink leather sounds good, and a hat would be nice. Camoflage vest for hot countries .
The latest registered member sounds like an axtec god , so south america's looking good too.

1st Jun 2007, 23:06

Starbaby says:

I hoped for kilts in Skye, but alas....

1st Jun 2007, 23:18

babs says:


1st Jun 2007, 23:21

Emma says:

I've said for ages that Seth would look ace in a kilt.

Hope no-one was wanting a serious music discussion.

2nd Jun 2007, 00:03

babs says:

music?? what's the blog got to do with music ?????

how untidy is that stage up there. ?? an accident waiting to happen that is.

2nd Jun 2007, 00:14

Messenger's daughter says:

Yes...a kilt would be satisfactory...but dont you have to go commando in a kilt...*faints

God help anyone standing infront of a high stage...

2nd Jun 2007, 14:51

babs says:

a vacuum cleaner on reverse thrust would solve the problem of a low stage.
*gets to work in shed with a dyson, a screwdriver , bits of string , a hammer and a spirit level.

2nd Jun 2007, 18:52

Messenger's daughter says:

Directed down from above the kilt pointing towards the knees or from below the kilt...from the point of view of a passer by??

2nd Jun 2007, 20:17

Messenger's daughter says:

*wonders why a passer by would have a dyson in hand

2nd Jun 2007, 20:37

lady c says:

don't forget need to counteract strong downward pull of weighty, swinging sporran...

2nd Jun 2007, 23:18

babs says:

a passer by would have a dyson in hand to be prepared for the eventuality of happening upon a sexy folk fiddler performing on a low stage while wearing a kilt of course.

2nd Jun 2007, 23:25

Messenger's daughter says:

Oh silly of me. Doesnt every passer by carry a dyson!!

3rd Jun 2007, 12:58

babs says:

I have one in my pocket and primed at all times.
Just in case.

3rd Jun 2007, 15:56

maymay says:

I need to lie down now at the thought of Seth in a kilt......lawks how awesome I 'm sure he has wonderfully shaped calves!

3rd Jun 2007, 16:06

babs says:

he has, have you not seen him in shorts ???

3rd Jun 2007, 18:33

Messenger's daughter says:

I have....we nearly ran him over we were so shocked!!

3rd Jun 2007, 18:34

babs says:

..........wonderfully shaped calves or bullocks as they are sometimes called.

3rd Jun 2007, 18:35

Messenger's daughter says:

I thought the bullocks were usually between two calves....:-O

3rd Jun 2007, 18:37

babs says:

I heifer feeling you are right.

3rd Jun 2007, 19:56

Messenger's daughter says:

*wonders if we could recycle the air for the dyson...if calves and bullocks are involved im sure methane could be reused....

3rd Jun 2007, 20:02

Messen....... says:

You know, im not sure this kilt idea is such a great one...the weighty swinging sporran could get rather dangerous when combined with Seth's usual stomping about the stage...could be rather uncomfortable for the poor bloke if it gets a bit over-enthusiastic. :-s

3rd Jun 2007, 20:17

babs says:

*runs to shed to make pressurised container for methane.

*hopes will generate enough thrust to lift combined weight of sporran and kilt.

It can't be difficult to work out . It isn't rocket science . Or is it??

3rd Jun 2007, 20:21

Messen....... says:

Ok...well if he must wear a kilt, i guess the technique with the pressurised methane has to be done properly...keep up the good work Babs!

I really do admire your scientific knowledge of kilt thrust...


3rd Jun 2007, 20:26

babs says:

*loud blast, shed door hangs on one hinge.
*emerges through smoke with hair on fire and clothes charred

Yep, that should just about do it.
Assuming his sporran is empty that is.
Only calculated for empty sporran.

3rd Jun 2007, 20:51

Messen....... says:

But....kilts dont have the weight of a hamster would need to be added to the weight of the sporran..

*fears for Bab's safety..
Don't go back in there Babs!!!!
..i mean in the shed....not into the kilt...or the sporran..


3rd Jun 2007, 21:19

babs says:

my god , you're right.
*scribbles manically on right thigh.
*own right thigh ....not kilted right thigh..........

*takes a moment

*runs to find complacent hamster and teeny scales to complete new calibrations.
*approaches sporran in hope of finding one there.....complacent hamster that is.............

4th Jun 2007, 03:25

Messen.......substitute says:

*reluctantly edges around remains of shed door...
Oh no!! Babs!! Where are you??

*peers into pocket of swinging sporran hanging from a nail on the wall...
....*finds soul stealing glasses and peers through cloudy lenses..
*steals the soul of the mini babs from inside the sporran..
*glues Babs' soul to side of deflated balloon..
*hopes this will work..
*inflates balloon with extra sound effects for lip movement...
*Peels off inflated soul from side of balloon...
*Uses pliers to put homeless soul back inside it's rightful owner...
*worries as soul is bigger than person..
*runs for the hills...

4th Jun 2007, 16:23

lady c says:

the image of two hefty bullocks swinging between calves is now branded on my brain.
*feels disturbed, yet strangely titillated
*is glad of preoccupation as otherwise brain may have been mashed by reading above few comments

4th Jun 2007, 16:40

babs says:

well bugger me , I never knew sporrans had pockets
*vows to get one.
soul IS bigger than one person but at one time Tamla Motown gave it a run for it's money.

and what do you mean by "mini
that's my normal size.

*is glad messen.....substitute is as f****d in the head as self.

4th Jun 2007, 16:45

babs says:

...and thanks ..........."runs for the hills"
will be singing old Iron maiden classic to self all night now :0(

4th Jun 2007, 17:05

Messen....substitute says:

1) A sporran pretty much is one pocket
*wonders if sporrans tent or just cover tents..
2) Mini had an accident when experimenting with the dyson...and shrunk yourself???
...*continues to be f****d in the head..

4th Jun 2007, 20:13

babs says:

sporrans are muti functional i should think
*wonders if they hibernate.
*looks down
good heavens ,the floor seems closer .I must have been shrunk in some horrible experiment.

4th Jun 2007, 21:27

babs says:

*uses hammer and bradawl to tuck excess bits of soul into teeny body.
*gets foot tangled in balloon string and suddenly finds self upside down floating above the burned out remains of shed.
Ooooo I didn't know next door had decking.

5th Jun 2007, 07:22

Messen....substitute says:

Pmsl!!! Oh yes, you never know what your neighbours get up to behind the garden wall...

*wonders if sporrans have interior decking...

5th Jun 2007, 12:18

babs says:

*would just like to point out that already knew sporran was type of external pocket, it was prospect of pocket within pocket that caused giddiness.
interior decking, hmmmm, as long as there aren't splinters it could catch on.

5th Jun 2007, 12:58

babs says:

.........and why aren't you revising ?? very naughty. especially after the big farewell

5th Jun 2007, 13:01

Cress says:

O_o what have I missed?!! Where's Greggy? My head!

5th Jun 2007, 15:20

babs says:

don't worry cress, it all went a bit crazy for a while
things seem to be settling down again.
hopefully , not for long.

5th Jun 2007, 15:36

Messen...substitute says:

Babs...i have been revising for the past 3 hours...with frequent tea and fiddle breaks....ive absorbed 2/3rds of the biology syllabus and am now frazzled...

The big farewell was necessary...just incase i couldnt make it on here....and i prob wont next week....have 4 major exams in 3 days...

*wanders off again..
*cries...Am i not wanted??
*long fury ears flop over eyes...

5th Jun 2007, 16:23

babs says:

.and stop wiping yer nose on yer ears for heavens sake

5th Jun 2007, 16:43

Messen...substitute says:

*edges back across the blog....

*finds hair dryer to remove nose juice from ears..
*gives up and shakes head violently...
*slaps Babs around face with soggy ears..

*clasps paws to face..
Soooo sorry Babs!!!

*runs again.....

5th Jun 2007, 20:31

babs says:

*vows to tie knot in ears when next we meet.

5th Jun 2007, 21:36

Emma says:

What are sporrans made from, just out of interest?

6th Jun 2007, 00:53

babs says:

they are not just made out of interest, they use leather as well.
googled and found some with chains and tassels, so they can obviously be used as a sex aid too if needs be. Useful for long ,lonely nights in the glen in the gloamin' .
mmmmmmmm tassels.

6th Jun 2007, 07:54

Cress says:

I believe it's usually deer-hide. The tassels are often 100% Ranger though.

6th Jun 2007, 11:04

babs says:

maybe we'll here the swish of tassels on the breeze one day and we'll turn and he'll be there walking towards us in slow motion,
or is that just wishful thinking . or are we just very dillusional.
*thinks , possibly.

6th Jun 2007, 13:00

Cress says:

Well we're exceedingly good at wishful thinking here. And what do you mean "we" babs? "WE"?! You are delusional. I'm just extraordinary.

Poor old Wendy Slale, vanished into thin air, aye.

6th Jun 2007, 17:49

babs says:

*tries and fails to remember who on earth wendy slale is.

6th Jun 2007, 18:02

Mess...sub says:

*thought that sporrans were made...with something to do with lederhosen...
*shakes head...hearing brain rattling around inside..
*strokes head to comfort frazzled brain..


7th Jun 2007, 16:38

babs says:

lederhosen worn with a sporran?

you could be onto something there messen...sub
don't fret, come and sit in the corner with me
Now, just put your fingers in your ears like so, and hum a little song of comfort.
and then the voices will stop.

7th Jun 2007, 17:46

Mess...sub says:

*sits in corner..
*puts fingers into ears..

*sees Babs' lips moving...
I cant hear you...

8th Jun 2007, 13:57

babs says:


8th Jun 2007, 19:25

Mess...sub says:



9th Jun 2007, 12:43

babs says:

*takes fingers out of ears
well, it's not looking hopeful for lederhosen,:0( they'll be home soon.

9th Jun 2007, 13:49

Mess...sub says:

Perhaps they'll bring some with them...??

9th Jun 2007, 14:19

babs says:

*crosses fingers etc for beverley


9th Jun 2007, 17:08

Emma says:

If there's even a whiff of kilt, sporran or lederhosen at Beverly, the lads will struggle to preform due to the cackles of hysterical laughter coming from our direction.

10th Jun 2007, 12:54

babs says:

I think lederhosen for the drummer chappie as he appears to sit with his legs apart for most of the performance.
A kilt for ben because i reckon one would really suit him ,sporran optional.
Lederhosen for seth just becasue.
Kilt for sean as he dances around a bit and it would give him freedom of movement.
and a nice shirt obviously.

*imagines it in head.
*looking good boys, looking good.

10th Jun 2007, 13:17

mess...sub says:

Oh yes...definately a kilt for Sean...freedom of movement is very important...especially in that heat!!
..but i think lederhosen is the best option for Seth, i think he needs a bit of support for all that stamping around
*imagines freedom of kilt....slaps self
And Ben...definately a kilt!! That man has a physical need for a kilt...*imagines Ben with bare legs..
Im sure a kilt would really suit Andy, and although im sure many of us wouldnt mind a peek at his legs..i think you are right...lederhosen is the best option...keep it concealed i say...
Keep the giggles to a minimum..

10th Jun 2007, 16:05

babs says:

I hope they read this before they leave germany then, a kilt shouldn't be too much of a problem to get hold of here but would think lederhosen could pose a bit of a problem.
*googles suppliers of lederhosen in south west just incase .

10th Jun 2007, 17:00

babs says:

By the way, I'm greatly relieved that the pic up there doesn't actually depict what the title suggests.
We do have standards to uphold on the blog you know.

Thankyou .

10th Jun 2007, 17:37

Mess...sub says:

Oh would be rather inappropriate to post a pic such as that on the blog.. ;-S

10th Jun 2007, 20:11

babs says:

it would,
but it would boost the viewing figures no end .

10th Jun 2007, 20:38

Mess..ssssss says:

Yeh i bet it would!!

Note to Seth: Not necessary!!!!

11th Jun 2007, 12:21

babs says:

good heavens no, I'm sure the blog will lurch along in it's own sweet way without the need for such drastic measures.
Mind you, it will all depend on the success of the new album .
Desperate times call for desperate measures you know.

11th Jun 2007, 16:29

Mess.s.s.s says:

Im sure the new album will make the need for such pictures even smaller..!!

11th Jun 2007, 17:16

babs says:

One sincerely hopes so.

11th Jun 2007, 18:16