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what a shitty day...

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writing about boris beckers 18th birthday, talking to my ex why he cheated on me four years ago, listening to the worst music while its raining.

can anyone outgun that?
28th May 2007, 14:58   | tags:,,,,,

Euphro says:

It's a pity you couldn't make it yesterday. I hope you are feeling better today, even if the weather is rubbish :)

28th May 2007, 14:59

A cup of tea will make everything better,
That and putting on some cheesy music and dancing around singing into a hair brush :]

28th May 2007, 15:00

Judo-Jule says:

no. not really better. but this bloody work to do.

hope you had a good day...

28th May 2007, 15:00

Judo-Jule says:

tea- check!
cheesy music- check!
hair brush- check!

i might try that...

28th May 2007, 15:01

Puddlepuff says:

- writing about boris beckers 18th birthday, (ancient history)

-talking to my ex why he cheated on me four years ago, (better late then never, but let it go I would say :)

-listening to the worst music while its raining. (change the channel)

Do as White Fluffy Clouds said and all will be fine :)

28th May 2007, 15:06

Judo-Jule says:

okay. i guess ill make my way through the rain and get some chocolate as well.


28th May 2007, 15:11

lol I was about to suggest if the above failed to work eat some chocolate.
Junk food - ftw . The guilty feeling after eating too much - for the lose!

28th May 2007, 15:14

Dhamaka says:

chocolate cake always makes me feel better

I was feeling low this morning, went out to get some and didn't even have to eat it to start feeling better!

In fact

*hands Jule some virtual chocolate cake

(it worked for me, hopefully it'll work for you too)

28th May 2007, 15:21

Judo-Jule says:

sheepy- i am always emo.

i am sooo emo that i piss tears.

28th May 2007, 16:23

Mandy. says: emo that I piss tears

HAHAHAHA !!! that's just the best ever. :D

28th May 2007, 16:27

somewhat uncomfortable I imagine..... :p

28th May 2007, 16:31

Judo-Jule says:

you learn to live with it. ;)

28th May 2007, 16:49

does drinking cranberry juice help? haha

28th May 2007, 16:51

Judo-Jule says:

haha. i had a glass this morning.

doesnt seem to make a difference though.

28th May 2007, 16:54

Maybe if you write an emo self pity filled blog somone will stumble across it and come to your aid.
You might not be alone in with your uber emo-ness ;)

28th May 2007, 17:04

Judo-Jule says:

well. i guess i am feeling better already...

28th May 2007, 17:08