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All I did was take pictures...
Sy Parrish

The copyright on these photographs belongs to me.
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Attack of the Awful Orange Things!

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With infinite patience they stalk their prey, and when the time is ripe... they strike!


Haha it just look me a while to realise the person wasnt in the orange bag thingy, oh dear it must be bed time....!

21st May 2007, 23:45

harimanjaro says:

The sight of four of them walking down the street with bright orange rucksack covers was something to behold. I tried to get a picture but they realised I was following them and started giving me some very dirty looks, so I chickened out. I'll have to learn to be a bit more inconspicuous if I'm ever to become a latter day Cartier-Bresson ;-)

21st May 2007, 23:50

why don't they just buy a decent waterproof rucksack and have done? I've managed to live almost an entire 48 years without a rucksack cover, and I intend to continue doing so. They're not hikers they're goretex fetishists, that's what they are! You should have offered to reduce the weight they were carrying by relieving them of their wallets!

22nd May 2007, 00:04

harimanjaro says:

Everything they had seemed to be brand new; I got the impression that they would throw everything away when they got home and buy more new stuff for the next trip.

22nd May 2007, 08:26

yes, you can tell that from the photo, that rucksack in the middle has got more padding than our armchairs!

22nd May 2007, 10:55