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Today I'm Bagpuss

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If any one has heard of Bagpuss, they will know how I feel today.

This morning I arrived at work, and there was an old looking and dusty
box on my desk.... "the story of Western Australia"

On it was an anonymous post it note, asking if there was anyway that
the contents could be cleaned up and made into a podcast?

Opening the box I found six little containers, and 3 audio
cassettes.... Each container had a strip of transparent film, containing
about 60 images each, So I've set about digitizing all the little
clips... So far I only have the first episode "The Visitors" digitized.

Anyway about 3 hours after I got into work, the anonymous "post it
noter" came to see if the podcasts were all ready!!! :o) (Yeah
right).. they explained that they'd found them at the back of a
cupboard, and they were used for teaching history in about 1975 - Of
course no one was able to find a projector to show the little films.

I've set about cleaning up the negatives, and there are some great
little cartoons in this lot.... some of them definitely need humourous
captions attaching!! (please feel free!)

Tomorrow I'll be digitizing the audio for the first episode and then
trying to match the audio with the little cartoons. - Oh the fun!

In the words of the mice on the mouse organ..... "We will fix it... we
will mend it"


SpoonZ says:

#25 Popcorn!!!! The Pommies brought Popcorn!!!! Woo Yay!!!

16th May 2007, 07:24

anonymous says:

43 - (old lady with knife) "Give me the beefs - or I cuts ya!"

16th May 2007, 09:09

Geodyne says:

I remember this from the wonderful to see it again!

17th May 2007, 08:21

SpoonZ says:

Hehe... now your showing your age.... I'de seen similar before, but on Over Head Projector slides... never on a transparency strip... I've been working on the audio today, and that's equally as cookie.... Slide 20 "and the place was to hot, the land hard, flies everywhere and the locals were as equally miserable"

17th May 2007, 08:41

Geodyne says:

You're making me laugh!

And yes, I was aware that I'd be showing my age by saying that... ;-)

17th May 2007, 09:07

SpoonZ says:

Well Im hoping that the next 5 reels will throw up some little gems...
I have
The Settlers
The Convicts (Should be good)
After Federation
and After the War
Hour of fun :-)

17th May 2007, 09:15