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Fuchsia - Dog and Dad

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Doesn't Fuchsia look cute?
The plant is a fuchsia, variety David, given to me by my Mum in honour of my dad who died many years ago.
13th May 2007, 15:22  

Viv says:

so like benji in thumbnail

13th May 2007, 15:32

FilbertFox says:

What is Benji? Please don't say a dog, i know that....

13th May 2007, 15:35

there's a farm on the tenby road with a specialist fuchsia nursery, and their wayside sign reads "your fuchsia in our hands"

13th May 2007, 15:39

btw you missed a comment on today's bikeride thread...

13th May 2007, 15:41

FilbertFox says:

Ta mate, did see it last night. i am currently compiling a huge shopping list for wiggle cos it is pay day on wednesday.....

13th May 2007, 15:49

Viv says:

Benji is a cross between a Norfolk and a Cairn

13th May 2007, 15:57

before you go signing your life savings over to the wiggle monster check out, they're considerably cheaper on some things and very quick delivery

13th May 2007, 17:11

beth says:

i would have said a dog.

13th May 2007, 18:56

so is he a cairfolk or a norfairn?

14th May 2007, 09:37

FilbertFox says:

a cairfolk is a damn fine name!

No idea what is in Fuchsia's breeding, she looks a bit like a minature beaded collie but with a sleeker coat a bit like an afghan, and the size of a leggy and very skinny cocker spanial

14th May 2007, 09:39

SaharaSB says:

awww... the shots of the dog are lovely - looks very peaceful and content !

14th May 2007, 10:19

Big Sis says:

I've got a David too and it reliably comes back year after year. Pity we couldn't have propagated Dad

14th May 2007, 13:44

FilbertFox says:

yeah sis, then you could have had one down there with you lot, and i could have kept one up here just for me!

14th May 2007, 14:30

silar31 says:

Fuscia's gorgeous - both of them. I'd guess the canine to be a Lhasa cross, given her coat and the colour markings - perhaps crossed with English Cocker. What's her personality? Does she regard herself as a watch dog? If so that would be a strong indicator of Lhasa Apso - they were bred for 1000 generations to be a watch dog and they have not lost a single iota of that instinct.

14th May 2007, 14:56

FilbertFox says:

no not a watch dog by any means! She has always been very affectionate, a bit nervy, loves to play with other dogs, looked at us like we are insane when we try to play fetch etc. She plays dumb all the time but really isn't. And when she is on the scent of something you can't see her for dust! She use to scale the fence etc.
Now she is an old lady of 15 and is begining to slow down and is going even more loopy.

14th May 2007, 15:27

MiniFF says:

She might also have some whippet or something in her because of how fast she runs.

15th May 2007, 11:59

paintist says:

fuchsia is looking very glamorous in these pics....she could do a shampoo ad, with her fur all soft and shiny....

15th May 2007, 12:57