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My pasion lies on two heels but due to circumstances out of my controll i have been out of a ride for many years (boo hoo, sob sob) but the dream lives on...(yippieeee)
A keen photographer and love tinckering on the computer (which brings me to why im doing this).

I have been known to be a little bit wierd and crazy in the days of my youth (an acceptable amount, the amount just before you think about calling the men in white coats) but the age thing has kicked all that nonsence to touch...i think

I have also dabbled in poetry a bit. Well mostly in the days of my youth, when i was blinded by love, lost in the avenues of romance, each leading to a unique but familiar ending....

Back to reality, once i have figured out how to post to this page i can show you some of my work. Enjoy...

Kind regards, peace and love to all...

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Thourght Provoking

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This picture is part of an advertisement i saw and thourght it would be worth saying a few word about.

Positive thourght! Say we choose to omit the word 'NO' in our every day life and instead used other words to portray what we mean, how can it change us or make us a better person.

Well it occured to that for one we would be thinking more in a positive way. It is less harsh and make us come across more warmer to others, even if are rejecting a proposal/offer of some sort.It may even encourage debate and so help us communicate more with others.

The word NO! is such a strong word and used all too easily.

In particular, the way we talk to children! By injecting positive thourght in the way we communicate with them, gives them more confidence and encouragement.

Well i suggest you give it a go for a day and let me know.
Howevery if the situation demands it than by all means use the word no, like for instance when approached by a Jehovah's witness, even then they dont get the message and still want to convert me to a Christian....just kidding, no offense intended and appologies to any Jehovah's Witness followers who feel offended.
9th May 2007, 06:49  


Twiglet says:

This reminds me of a teacher I had in primary school. She used to tell us to never use the word "nice" but to always find a better word...

9th May 2007, 07:35

kyoob says:

No thanks - see much more polite

9th May 2007, 09:11

Viv says:

Really just a way of making you think why you are saying no!
Turning requests round to do you really think that's a good idea often works.

As for J W's they do seem a little less pushy than they used to be!

Yes nice was a forbidden word!

9th May 2007, 09:31

ViX says:

We never had any 'forbidden' words but anyone forgot to say please and thank you our history teacher always use to say 'manners cost nothing, politeness is everything'!

9th May 2007, 11:32

jas says:

Hey thanks for the comments people.
Your right twiglet, it does sound like some thing a teacher might say but im not one. I never thourght of that, thanks.
Kyoob, your right. Just may adding thanks make it a much softer sentence.Thanks for your comments.
Hi Viv, this add put that word in my mind and then all hell broke loose. Soo many things just flashed through my mind, its like it opened a hidden door in my mind and the room was soo scrammed full that once opened all the contents flooded out.
Vix, never a truer word was said!

I just got thinking of the positive spin this could have. I would like people to get on alot more and its not nice seeing the negative events in the world being portrayed in the media. Which then makes me think how can people be so horrible to one another and full of soom much hate. This then lead me to thinking about their upbringing and social enviroment, which has a great impact on the way are.
Could this be in our nature, as people we should be more appreciative of one another and less hostile...

I can assure you i have not taken any drugs or on any medical subscription, probobaly insomnia could have some thing to do with it.
I im not crazy, even though i admit it sounds like it ....well may be a bit...

9th May 2007, 17:40

Viv says:

ah - the secret of sanity is being a bit crazy!

10th May 2007, 02:49

that's a secret?

14th May 2007, 13:03

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