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Lunch with Spiderbaby

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As you can see from posting from Crickson and the lovely Spiderbaby, campus has it's nice parts
29th Apr 2007, 17:49  

LUNCH? are you not supposed to be in training?

29th Apr 2007, 17:54

FilbertFox says:

fuel you understand! Not been able to cycle for 2 weeks!!! The physioterrorist managed to cause problems with my lower back (while examining my ankle?!) now the whole of my right leg hurts and neither leg feels like it belongs to me! It is feeling a bit better today, so i will try and get out tomorrow after work.

29th Apr 2007, 18:01

ooh sorry to hear that, physios can be buggers sometimes - hope they haven't done too much damage!

29th Apr 2007, 18:19

FilbertFox says:

she said the pain and odd feelings in my ankle is a problem with the nerve pathway

29th Apr 2007, 18:20

of course she did, thus disclaiming any responsibility!

29th Apr 2007, 18:45

MaggieD says:

Lovely pic, sorry to hear about the leg/back problem :( just hope it clears up soon .....

29th Apr 2007, 18:46

FilbertFox says:

Mr Hobo, you are such a cynic

29th Apr 2007, 19:51

MiniFF says:

My neck hurts :( I blame the gym. Exercise is never good for you.

29th Apr 2007, 20:19

Physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors. They all kick off with phrases like "there are no guarantees..." "this is not an exact science..." "has to get worse before it gets better..." "Your wallet will will feel so much lighter when I've finished, and you may need corrective shoes."

29th Apr 2007, 21:25