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I work and play on the internet. Check out my written blog href="" target="_blank" ahref=""> for more about me, and Twitter for daily thoughts.

All photos posted since 22.07.08 are taken with my 5 Megapixel Nokia N95 8GB.

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Look what we got from Amazon!!

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It's a Jordan! And he destroys the packaging, so you don't have to!
Everyone should own one!

paintist says:

shame you destryed the packaging...its not so easy to send 'em back without it... :-)

26th Apr 2007, 19:19

Essitam says:

What we REALLY got is NOT going back!!

It's mine ALL mine!!! and I'm all excited!!

26th Apr 2007, 19:23

ViX says:

Ooooo, amazon goodies! What did you get?!

26th Apr 2007, 19:25

Essitam says:

A new

(I wish I could afford a DSLR but have settled for an upgrade on my)


Fujifilm all singing all dancing whatsit and I'm settling in for a spot of reading (the manual) and then a play,

I'm going to Ragley Hall Saturday and I'm praying the memory card gets here in time....It has a 32mb card with it but thats nothing, I have 1gb on order!!

26th Apr 2007, 19:29

paintist says:

expecring a huge amount of post soon then...look forward to the pics :-)

26th Apr 2007, 19:31

ViX says:


New cameras are so much fun!!

*fingers crossed* the card gets there on time!

26th Apr 2007, 19:32

kids and boxes, boxes and kids, 'twas ever thus, and may it ever remain so! new camera eh? niice!

26th Apr 2007, 19:47

spongevid says:

boxes are the best toys ever!!!

26th Apr 2007, 21:03

FilbertFox says:

how exciting! What model did ya get?

And close lid and send kid back while he is small enough to fit in a box

26th Apr 2007, 22:17

Essitam says:

S6500, I did consider the next model up but it only had an extra 1.3mp and a couple of extra ISO settings for an extra £185.

So I stayed at the S6500. I really really really want a Nikon D series but I just can't afford it and just couldn't justify spending that sort of money to upgrade from the camera I was using (6year old 3mp Kodak easyshare).

So I went for the middle ground a higher spec digital cam minus the SLR and maybe look at getting a DSLR at a later date!

26th Apr 2007, 23:17

good choice for sure, but have you seen the advertising tagline for it - "It can't wait to see your face" - who the f**k thought that one up?

26th Apr 2007, 23:24

540air says:

Cool, new toys are always fun. And box crushing is a new extreme sport ;)

26th Apr 2007, 23:32