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Green Wing

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Since Virgin and Sky had a falling out our TV has been a bit worse
than normal, however this has now changed with the introduction of
lots of programs via "On Demand". I have lots of comedy series at my
finger tips and I have been catching up on them. I had forgotten just
how good Green wing is.
23rd Apr 2007, 09:35   | tags:,,,,,

seaneeboy says:

Too right. They had series 3 and 4 of Spooks on there recently - it was fantastic!

I've got one of those V+ Boxes from them - not having a lot of luck with it though, keeps dropping the signal, rather frustratingly.

23rd Apr 2007, 10:16

Steve says:

Yeah they pulled Spooks before I could watch many of them.

*Guilty secret*
Been watching series one of Babylon 5, god it's awful... and yet addictive.
*End Guilty secret*

23rd Apr 2007, 10:21

Spike says:

steve, it takes a man to admit that! i aplaud you sir, and your babylon watching!

my eye fodder is peep show at the moment.. must. watch. green. wing again soon

23rd Apr 2007, 10:23

jc1000000 says:

Encore, another round of applause for that man!

23rd Apr 2007, 10:43

Steve says:

Thanks guys, I really rely on your support

23rd Apr 2007, 11:07

Helen says:

I think I have issues with this picture (with what don't I have issues?).

: (

23rd Apr 2007, 17:44

its a replica.

23rd Apr 2007, 17:46

Steve says:

A replica cat?

It's ok the Kitten said that it would work!

23rd Apr 2007, 17:52

Helen says:

Oh, a fake kitten. That's ok then.

23rd Apr 2007, 17:52

Steve says:

Erm... no, it was real, but he didn't shoot it, he was pretending

23rd Apr 2007, 17:54

Helen says:

Mmmm. I'll believe you.

23rd Apr 2007, 17:56

its a joke from the show.
the cat didnt seem in distress and hes fine.

23rd Apr 2007, 22:45

Helen says:

A joke? In Green Wing?


23rd Apr 2007, 22:46


23rd Apr 2007, 22:47

Helen says:

; p

23rd Apr 2007, 22:48

Steve says:

You two cut it out!

24th Apr 2007, 09:42

Helen says:


24th Apr 2007, 17:23


25th Apr 2007, 09:23

haha - glad I stumbled across this, must buy green wing. Its sort of a british scrubs, written by mentalists.

25th Apr 2007, 09:26