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photos from the martin-o-phone.

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bringing you the London Marathon

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I spent the day down at Tower Bridge helping set up a tiny corner of the London Marathon outside broadcast. They've got a total of 35 cameras, six bikes, two helicopters and an overhead circling plane.
They did let me get my hands on a camera and go for a wander along the bridge just to see how far the signal reached...

Steve says:

Aw wank, is that tomorrow? I have to work on the Southbank at 11.

21st Apr 2007, 21:01

teflon says:

Fraid so.
Just go there now and set up camp in a pub, you should be able to avoid them...

21st Apr 2007, 21:05

Helen says:

Nice equipment.

I rather like the top shot.

21st Apr 2007, 21:06

Steve says:

Thank you... Oh the picture.

I'm working at the circus don't you know! actually are you working the Marathon Tomorrow?

21st Apr 2007, 21:07

Helen says:

I knew the circus would find you eventually.

21st Apr 2007, 21:09

Steve says:

*how very dare you (look)*

21st Apr 2007, 21:10

hildegard says:

Always pleased to see a tech in work, but televised jogging? I despair...
(Edit) Not of you, oh non-stick one, just of the unutterable garbage people insist on broadcasting.

21st Apr 2007, 21:10

teflon says:

I always enjoyed watching it for the rather nice shots of London in the spring.. the runners just got in the way a little.
I don't think I'd want to be out running tomorrow anyhow - far too hot! (I'm a little pink just now - pass the after-sun..)

21st Apr 2007, 21:25

Steve says:

"actually are you working the Marathon Tomorrow?" *said to Martin*

21st Apr 2007, 22:49

teflon says:

sorry, too much time in the sun today has left me a little dazed - yep, I'll be back there tomorrow, though not quite sure if I'll actually get to do anything or not.

21st Apr 2007, 22:52

Steve says:

I might give you a call, I could be finished pretty early.

22nd Apr 2007, 01:01

teflon says:

Cool - I don't actually know when I'll be free, but it looks like they're wrapping around 3 or 4 o'clock.

22nd Apr 2007, 07:11

JokerXL says:

Marathon? Sunday? London? 26-odd miles?
Aw spit, missed it again, must sign in earlier next year.

22nd Apr 2007, 07:40

ukmari says:

Wow, the camera looks great!

We live pretty close to the course so we can't get to our usual Woods walk today.
My dog can't understand why so he is grumbling....bless him.

Good luck for the work!

22nd Apr 2007, 10:27

James says:

Great top shot!

22nd Apr 2007, 13:22

crickson says:

Great panoramic shot, HLable I reckon.

22nd Apr 2007, 15:13

Gael says:

great top shot
train as a steady-cam op, you can name your price ...

22nd Apr 2007, 19:04

teflon says:

We were talking about this yesterday - you can earn £200k a year with a Steadicam - but say goodbye to your back after the age of 30.

22nd Apr 2007, 20:31

Gael says:

ah - I knew there had to be a catch : (

23rd Apr 2007, 09:38

EVILMINK269 says:

Very cool shot of the Bridge...

23rd Apr 2007, 17:35

teflon says:

cheers for the highlight, mystery highlighter!

26th Apr 2007, 23:41

540air says:

Twas me, I think the top pic is ace :)

26th Apr 2007, 23:42

seaneeboy says:

I do feel sorry for the poor blokes on steadycam for football matches - 2 hours of lugging that kit about for about 2 shots...

27th Apr 2007, 10:37

OJ says:

Belated admiration for that panorma.

What's that about 200K for a Steadicam? My back wouldn't stand it....

27th Apr 2007, 13:42

Dhamaka says:

Cool shot
have fun

27th Apr 2007, 20:59