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Some of you will have already seen some of the Mister's gruesome body parts last year. These are pre and post removal of a cyst from his eyelid. And then some pretty flowers cos they look nicer than his eye
19th Apr 2007, 16:51  


That makes my eyes water...

19th Apr 2007, 16:54

FilbertFox says:

i so enjoy sharing my dear husbands body psrts with you all

19th Apr 2007, 16:55

Twiglet says:

Eeeugh! Gross!

The flowers are nice though.........

19th Apr 2007, 16:56

mchelle81 says:

omg that is aweful,
nice flowers though

19th Apr 2007, 16:57

paintist says:

he does go through it doesnt it only a year ago that he hurt his head?

19th Apr 2007, 17:04

paintist says:

did you pop it with a hot needle?

19th Apr 2007, 17:05

jle says:

man i think my stomach just went upside down
dont say needle...

19th Apr 2007, 17:08

FilbertFox says:

It was all done by a fully qualified surgeon. For some reason he didn't trust me near his eye with a needle! Can't think why....

19th Apr 2007, 17:11

Sprocket says:

Damn I'm feeling icky now. Though it may be all the chocolate I just consumed.

Gin and a hot needle, that's always the best way to deal with a body protruberance.

19th Apr 2007, 17:18

jiva says:

jeebus save us! thats scary.

19th Apr 2007, 17:25

540air says:

Urgh, that's not nice. I'm glad I wasn't eating :)

19th Apr 2007, 17:25

Viv says:

thanks for that FF!

19th Apr 2007, 17:50

FilbertFox says:

you're welcome Viv

19th Apr 2007, 17:55

lordy I almost chucked me chips then!

19th Apr 2007, 17:56

FilbertFox says:

If you think that's bad look back to march and april of last year for more gruesome body parts

19th Apr 2007, 18:01

nige says:


19th Apr 2007, 18:32

Helen says:

That's not so very attractive.

19th Apr 2007, 21:33

FilbertFox says:

he isn't

19th Apr 2007, 21:57

Steve says:


19th Apr 2007, 22:08

Puddlepuff says:

Thanx for the new wallpaper for my work laptop. That will keep people away, reading over my shoulder.

That must feel terrible blinking your eye. I had a small one and it felt like sand was in my eye,..


19th Apr 2007, 22:11

ookiine says:


20th Apr 2007, 02:14

crickson says:

I just hope he never gets piles.

20th Apr 2007, 10:18

FilbertFox says:

Funny you should say that Dr. C

20th Apr 2007, 11:04

Spiderbaby says:

Poor BB! He needs some sort of pirate patch. That would suit him very well I feel.

Nice oozing in shot 2! You do have a knack for ick.

20th Apr 2007, 13:33

FilbertFox says:

thank you Spiderbaby i do try

20th Apr 2007, 14:48

swampdonkeys says:

oh that looks nasty, hope it heals soon and painlessly.

21st Apr 2007, 07:27

MiniFF says:


Or, even better, make him one. With your superior art skills he'll look lovely.

21st Apr 2007, 12:02

BaggieBoy says:

I'm running out of body parts to injure and get blogged.

23rd Apr 2007, 17:57

paintist says:

oh boy you have done it now.....FF is bound to have some ideas....

23rd Apr 2007, 18:21