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here comes the summer run:

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nige, *live*
18th Apr 2007, 19:29   | tags:,,,,

Looks like the sun is catching up pretty quickly.


18th Apr 2007, 19:58

Niiice nige. Like the way both your feet are off the ground. True speed

18th Apr 2007, 20:01

my word the sun really does shine out of your...

18th Apr 2007, 21:20

Twiglet says:

: D

18th Apr 2007, 21:47

paintist says:

no no no cannot make us all go for morning runs...please....

19th Apr 2007, 07:55

Geodyne says:

Really well captured.

Is this going to become a regular thing?

19th Apr 2007, 07:58

nige says:

thanks guys. i got that shot in just one take - even i was impressed!

are the runs going to become a regular thing, Geo? yes indeedy, i love running.

19th Apr 2007, 08:12

kostika says:

That is an amazing shot. WOW!

19th Apr 2007, 08:33

nige says:

:) thanks.

and thanks for the highlight.

19th Apr 2007, 08:55

Geodyne says:

You and I will have to go out together some time - I even have a beautiful 5-mile run along the river by my house. I'm very bad at it, but I enjoy it. Only my running shoes are on a ship in the South Atlantic at the moment!

Well deserved highlight, too!

19th Apr 2007, 09:19

nige says:

you're on. as far as i'm concerned though, the ony bad runners are those that don't run at all, so i'm sure you'll be just fine :)

19th Apr 2007, 09:27

Viv says:

I'm with Paintist on this

great picture though

and good for you

19th Apr 2007, 12:01

nige says:

no running & no jumping. Viv & P, you needn't worry :)

19th Apr 2007, 12:03

Viv says:

I'll swim!

19th Apr 2007, 12:14

Viv says:

and walk of course!

19th Apr 2007, 12:15

540air says:

I'll ride, but I can't hack running!!

Great pic and congrats on the HL sir :)

19th Apr 2007, 12:28

Uber Spy says:

This is so great Nige! Miss you shtinka xx

19th Apr 2007, 13:03

nige says:

thanks 540 and Viv, i want to see pics of your swim then!

Ms_Spy, where ya been, gal? you are greatly missed by me also. whats happenin'?

19th Apr 2007, 13:22

chocolate says:

just reaaally good nige!

19th Apr 2007, 13:27

FilbertFox says:

i used to love running. Had to give up cos of crappy feet. Now i just do weights, that is i lift great weights every time i stand up!

Fab pic btw

19th Apr 2007, 17:57

I'm with 540 on this one - I can ride or walk, but running is just too... joggly.

19th Apr 2007, 18:22

Joe says: notch.

19th Apr 2007, 18:42

Rachel says:

No running for me thanks. I'm a firm believer that you should only run if you're being chased.

Lovely shot though.

19th Apr 2007, 19:13

Dhamaka says:

great shot
nice run

19th Apr 2007, 20:27

Sprocket says:

great shot

I'll row alongside

19th Apr 2007, 22:41

hehe. thanks guys. boats, bikes and other modes of transport. you're on!

19th Apr 2007, 22:46

Uber Spy says:

Moved into new apartment, with noooo internet connection until today - wooohooo! Back online now...mighty pleased :)

20th Apr 2007, 19:31

MaggieD says:

I'll just stroll into the sunrise/sunset .... if that is OK ... love the pic ......

20th Apr 2007, 20:24

lou says:

awww this is great. amazingly captured. running!?! i'm impressed. you're making me feel guilty! haha!

24th Apr 2007, 21:51