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Forgive me windows, for i have sinned.

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I've officially moved over to the dark side.---- ?
18th Apr 2007, 19:18  

Helen says:


? goodness.

18th Apr 2007, 19:33

There should be two bites out of that apple.


18th Apr 2007, 19:55

James says:

Will your bank balance be able to forgive you though?

18th Apr 2007, 21:09

Viv says:

Funny - I looked at this and thought didn't think Chris was a mac person - but now you are!

18th Apr 2007, 22:54

Helen says:

I think that this is why you stood us all up.

*Narrows eyes*

Ok, it is still rather lovely.

19th Apr 2007, 00:02

Joe says:

*folds arms


so, want me to install a decent OS on it then?

19th Apr 2007, 00:13

Sprocket says:

*two fingers up at Windoze - OSX is where the action's at*

19th Apr 2007, 00:13

Viv says:

and yay again!

19th Apr 2007, 00:57

Steve says:

Join us Joe!

Welcome to the fold Chris

19th Apr 2007, 01:16

chris says:

Bank balance isn't feeling too good, but man I love this thing. I love the OS (apart from the right mouse button thing, but easily rectified), and I love the nifty little transitions and the built in bluetooth, and the fact that it just works!

I *heart* my macbook


19th Apr 2007, 20:20

chris says:

Yeah, but that's not really a right *click* is it? :P

Nah, I've got a nice Bluetooth mouse anyway.

I've never got on with Laptop mouse pads - don't help my RSI

19th Apr 2007, 22:20

Steve says:

Ctrl + Option + Cmd + 8 is one of my favourites

Option = Alt
Cmd = Apple symbol

I don't know why they have different names for the keys but it confused me for ages.

19th Apr 2007, 22:20

chris says:

Ooooh, I like that. Funky!

19th Apr 2007, 22:23

Steve says:

And it is actually useful too! makes viewing easier in the sun and saves on battery life!

19th Apr 2007, 22:27

Viv says:

new one to me too - you look a bit blue Steve:D

27th Apr 2007, 17:40