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About Me:Darren P Millar

I'm a DJ from Aberdeen (Scotland) that's about me for just now!

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My Pet Hate: is TUESDAY, everything that has ever gone wrong in my life has happened on a TUESDAY! I hate it, it's now my day off so that i don't have to face the world! Don't make me have to suffer TUESDAY by asking me about it!!! I also dislike girls who drink pints, smoke and generally act like men!!

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Bloody Big Blue Roller Coaster

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Blackpool pleasure beach! This one isn't open yet still being built!
Looks good though....

Puddikat says:

Looks cool

16th Apr 2007, 15:34

Ahhhh that looks great.

16th Apr 2007, 15:56

goode says:

fast with lots of bends! hoorah!

16th Apr 2007, 16:00

James says:

Nice! Might be worth a trip to t'North!

16th Apr 2007, 22:04

Neighbour Of The Hoors says:

Crap. For a minute I thought that was down at Codonas. I was getting all excited...

18th Apr 2007, 22:01

hannah says:

it was amazin

20th Aug 2007, 11:14

laura says:

hey its lokks kool

12th Sep 2007, 14:38

eve(evebrown-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

i been on that it the best

29th Nov 2008, 15:42

lauren (laurenwasere0922-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

its the best ride ever

30th Jan 2009, 10:37

lauren (laurenwasere0922-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

i been on that it the best ride . please go on its good laugh on the ride and it scary you to deafffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30th Jan 2009, 10:39

myra (mirashazona-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

OhhMiiGOwsshh .. Thaa LoOkss SoOo Shiitt .. Ma TwOo Yearss Old Bruvaa COuldd Even GoOo Omn Thaa . :P :D :)

30th Apr 2009, 11:42

brittany says:

looks boss i have to go i live in cali wow that looks sick

26th Aug 2009, 22:43

shuyin says:

hey brittany i love you will u kiss me and hold me tight
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!;)

26th Aug 2009, 22:48

shuyin says:

hey brittany i love you will u kiss me and hold me tight
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!;)

26th Aug 2009, 22:48

abbey. says:

you'll say this buh when you go on it, you'll probs be scared!

16th Mar 2010, 12:11

hairy beAverr says:

yeahh, your all faggots

9th Feb 2011, 11:43