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Today I got Climpies

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16th Sep 2004, 21:59  

molly says:

I haven't seen those for a million years! Are they squdgy or hard, I can't rememebr?

16th Sep 2004, 22:14

hard! I always thought their name made them sound more like an undesirable disease than tasty sweets...

16th Sep 2004, 22:33

Evie says:

I love Climpies - you can't help but love them and their name - sheer genius - can be substituted for so many other words. My friend and I often use derivatives of the word climpies so we can have a private conversation in public - best sweets in the whole wide world

4th Oct 2004, 14:38

Rob M says:

I loved Climpies too, the box on the sweetshop counter was covered in amazing full-colour paintings of 50's style colourful astronauts and a space rocket on some alien planet... I wish I could see that art again, it's just something that has stuck in my memeory from about thirty years ago. Are they still sold in these amazing boxes?

30th Oct 2004, 11:45

Slatex says:

are you mumbo?

9th Nov 2004, 15:02

redmond says:


19th Nov 2004, 18:19



24th Nov 2004, 09:46

alex beck says:

FESTERING CLIMPIES....... GET IN .... I AM THE GOD... OBEY ME!!!climpies are nice.

27th Nov 2004, 17:32

redmond says:

climpies certainly ARE nice, they have inspired me to die.

29th Nov 2004, 10:55

mysocalledmoblog says:


29th Nov 2004, 12:42

felix says:

cant get enuf of those climpie mother fuckers

24th Dec 2004, 22:23

*** says:

I was just serching for pictures of climpies and this came up, climpies are just so ... thier so nice there is no way to describe them but AHHHHHHHHHH! WHERE CAN YOU BUY THEM? I NEED TO KNOW!

21st Oct 2005, 10:28

bmal says:

i remember them forgot hey were called that tho.

21st Oct 2005, 10:36

Sxc katiexx says:


does anyone know where u cn buy them 4rm i need them :)

31st Oct 2005, 19:55

Rug(littleuknow-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

No one cares about your clampies.


1st Jan 2006, 01:40

ian climpies says:

you get them in swizzles matlow bumper bags

10th Jan 2006, 17:42

Edd says:

Climpies do rule.. i buy thoes assortment packs just to get the odd few packs of climpies in there, i dont really like any of the other sweets in there.

11th Mar 2006, 08:46

climpo says:


10th Jul 2006, 18:06

Flo says:

I just want to say; I've got two packs of climpies which I've rescued from the Trick or Treaters and am planning on eating myself tonight! Btw, do they sell climpies in America? I LOVE the name... CLIMPIES! How come they taste so great?!?!?

31st Oct 2006, 18:46

Michelle(michellewest30-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

I agree climpies do taste great, and often ask myself why, if they are so good, what they are not sold in their millions? I for one would spend my hard earned cash on buckets full. Someone, somewhere must know why we can't find them.

6th Nov 2006, 13:27

Dale says:

there not that nice?

10th Nov 2006, 22:45

nick says:

I have just had some and yes they rock..

19th Nov 2006, 23:28

Alex says:

I have a wonderful pack of climpies in front of me now. I'm filled with awe and wonder at their tastyness, there is four in the pack ordered orange, yellow, yellow, orange. I think i'll eat them all at once!!!! mwahhhahhahha

16th Oct 2007, 10:00

ollie smit says:

i just been chewin them as i read ur posts. CLIMPIES RULE!!!

16th Nov 2008, 21:26

Rhiiiaaaaaannnnnnn!!!!! says:

You can buy them in poundworld, 2 massive bags for £1 ;) wooooo! Climpies rule!

20th Nov 2010, 14:43

alicia says:

I LOVE YOU RHIAN, people will never know what climpies really are.

20th Nov 2010, 16:25

Nuttyfox says:

Oh my sweet Jesus. Climpies are the only reason to get out of bed in the morning. I go to work so I can afford to buy more. Anyone who has experienced their impossibly fruity sugary heaven of wonderful joy and pelvis-dislocatingly tasty tiny coloured balls will agree - if you've got Climpies, you've got everything you need.

29th Jun 2012, 10:22

Sylke's biggest fan says:

Evie, I am the climpie you talk of in your post. We discovered them whilst climping in Robin Hood. If you ever read this, just know that I'm sorry I climpied you and I miss the climpies we used to have. I wanted to be your climpie forever but it just wasn't possible. I just want you to know that I think about your climpies sometimes and I will always remember the climpies we used to share. xx

2nd Aug 2012, 10:58

Sweetie(Stevedoran1-at-sky-dot-com) says:

I'm all climped out - my body is climp

3rd Dec 2012, 15:07

The Climpie that time forgot says:

Simply, Having, a wonderful Climpmas time...

Merry Climpmas everyone

I wish it could be Climpmas every day

13th Dec 2012, 14:07

Tululajane says:

Anyone know where I can buy climpies??

20th Jun 2013, 23:13

Liberty X says:

Everything about you is so Climpies
Whether you're fruity or not
You really hit my spot

and you're so innocent
Please don't go out of stock because I need your scent
I just want ten thousand to swallow
You only get four in a pack
So to the shop I'll go back...

Suck it a little
They're all just so little
Chewy in the middle
I've had several million
Give me just a little bit more
Give me just a few more CLIMPIES!!!

28th Sep 2017, 08:20

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