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Just been tweaking stuff and making sure I can use this place for while I'm away.

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this was taken after I had already started cleaning up otherwise it had spread right across the kitchen area and soaked the rug. foam is so frickin hard to clean up when you have no kitchen towels or anything.

Usually 9 times out of 10 you can leave me alone and everything well be as you left it if not little chores done around the place having been done out of boredom but rarely does anything go wrong when I'm alone coz I am so clumsy I tend to be extra careful and usually any accidents had are in company so usually I'm lucky enough that I dont have to explain to someone why one of their special crystal glasses got broken, most have learnt to put away their fave thingas around me coz it's when you least expect it or are confident it won't happen that it does lol.

But considering I've washed the same damn load of cuttlery and plates and stuff 3 times and they are still filthy I come to the conclusion his dishwasher tablets were dodgy (he never eats at home so he's not used the machine in god knows how long which means the tabkets are most likely about a year old and not doing their job) so I sed something else that said DISHWASHER on it and well here's the result.

Well his kitchen floor is all clean and shiny now at least lol.
14th Apr 2007, 01:16  

Mummybitch says:


14th Apr 2007, 10:45

teresajh says:

HAHAHA! Did you use washing up liquid in the machine? I remember when one of the boys poured a whole bottle of bubble bath down my toilet and it had much the same effect :oD

14th Apr 2007, 13:45

twitch says:

Yeh there was a bottle with DISHWASHER LIQUID written on it so I put a little in the part you close up and a little while later there was foam everywhere lol, he never even noiced or even asked why his rugs were outside or even bohered to bring 'em back in yet.

oooooohhhhhh bubble bath in the toilet? That sounds like fun! If anyone ever pisses me off I'm gonna pour a load and leave it for them to flush.

15th Apr 2007, 09:06