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saw this beautiful bird...

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...on the way home too. it kept me company for ages, and seemed to quite
enjoy having its picture snapped. any ornithologists out there who can
13th Apr 2007, 23:07   | tags:,,,,

hildegard says:

Lovely - you've made a friend of a Reeves pheasant. Really like the 2nd one.

13th Apr 2007, 23:24

Dhamaka says:

he's really gorgeous
so do I

13th Apr 2007, 23:33

beep beep

13th Apr 2007, 23:45

silar31 says:

2nd one, someone please make with the highlighty goodness!

ETA: Happy to see this got a HL! DH's reaction to seeing it: "Wow. WOW. That's not just a photo, that's ART!."

14th Apr 2007, 01:55

factotum says:

Did he follow you home? Did your mom let you keep him? He is extraordinarily beautiful in any case!

14th Apr 2007, 03:19

midlife says:

That's a HL!

14th Apr 2007, 05:58

JokerXL says:

WoW! never seen one of those before!
Aren't they territorial? Was he not trying to chase you off?

14th Apr 2007, 07:10

Dhamaka says:

hehe - knew this one would get a HL

14th Apr 2007, 07:13


14th Apr 2007, 07:38

Sprocket says:

love the action shot - never seen one of those chaps over here, was he just hangin round the Hi Street?

14th Apr 2007, 08:12

FilbertFox says:

that is lovely. More photogenic than the tramps i get following me home.

14th Apr 2007, 08:16

Bstrktmnd says:

Well done! :) Great first pic!

14th Apr 2007, 08:50

MaggieD says:

Wow, Nige, great pics (esp the 2nd one)

14th Apr 2007, 09:18

taniwha says:

A h/l. cool. So, you're St Francis of Assisi now?

14th Apr 2007, 09:27

nige says:

haha. thanks for the h/l. so thats what it is! it looked so beautiful when it ran, and it was super-fast too.

14th Apr 2007, 10:31

Jesson says:

What a stunner!

14th Apr 2007, 11:28

taniwha says:

Am I the only one here thinking it would make a nice dinner too?

14th Apr 2007, 13:12

Tori says:

mmmm... garlic roasted pheasant

14th Apr 2007, 17:48

nige says:

just went back.

caught that bird.


ate it.


15th Apr 2007, 14:11

hildegard says:

Pants on fire; pheasant has to be hung for 4 to 6 days. Anyway, surely no-one with your aesthetic sensibilty could eat anything that pretty?

15th Apr 2007, 14:25

paintist says:

we have those around here sometimes...bmal used to call them burglar birds because of the eyemask.....lovely catch...

15th Apr 2007, 14:58

OJ says:

It does look a wee bit annoyed. I wonder if those black and white markings are designed to look fierce.

16th Apr 2007, 10:03

nige says:

ok hildegard, you gots me! it is hanging in my kitchen now...

thanks p, and OJ you're probably right about the markings. it kept circling me and getting closer - no fear whatsoever.

16th Apr 2007, 10:18

what a great bird nice piture

20th Apr 2007, 19:57