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1.6 Exabyte iPod

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that's 1.6 billion gigabytes. Not bad, considering it doesn't even have a colour screen.

And it only has 8GB free. It appears I have more mp3s than God.

(it should be noted that I nearly paperweighted my ipod over the weekend - OK, I was trying to install linux on it, but that was after it had broken. neither ipodlinux nor rockbox worked, and I had to perform a number of complete format/restores to get it to boot again)
11th Apr 2007, 18:45   | tags:,,

James says:

Hmm. At least it's got good taste; Nirvana!

11th Apr 2007, 20:32

Euphro (NLI) says:

Obviously some sort of retro styled one that dropped through a wormhole from the future.

About a mole of silicon (26 gms or 6 x 10^23 atoms) using about 100 atoms per bit and accessing the whole volume would give you the 128 exabits you'd need.

If we extrapolate forward using the solid state memory capacity doubling curve (about annual) starting at 8 GB today for the top end reasonably easily acquirable storage we find that your ipod has dropped back from ~2035 :D

11th Apr 2007, 20:46

Joe says:

aah good old Avogadro

11th Apr 2007, 21:09

CrazyB says:

Euphro, How did you get to be soo funny!

Mat is it worth mentioning how rich you would have to be to afford that much music! Yikes!

12th Apr 2007, 19:13