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Russell and Matt get fruity at the Crystal Ballroom.
6th Apr 2007, 22:04  

Anne says:

3 what Russ?

6th Apr 2007, 22:44

Euro says:

Uh, boy love! I like boy love!

7th Apr 2007, 03:25

ki says:


7th Apr 2007, 06:07

margarita says:

matt, don't you know that sit-ups are done on the floor?! and russell, i hope that isn't urine...

7th Apr 2007, 08:12

Sabbie says:

Matt, i think I've seen that sweather somewhere before.... hmmmmmmm,,,,,, Yes Russel, WHATEVER!.......


8th Apr 2007, 14:51

Russel~lover(Freakgrl)(mgreers-at-aol-dot-com) says:

ok wierdos!?
Russel lookin as hot as ever!P
Wen r u gona be doin a gig in england agen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Freaky out!

9th Apr 2007, 21:16

Rhamon(rhamon-dot-blocparty-at-yahoo-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

Russell,você está meio bêbado não está?

9th Apr 2007, 23:17

gavindavis says:

i think russells saying the name of his next song : 3 more years

10th Apr 2007, 08:12

Seh says:

You guys got issues...
hahaha,Join the club!
...I believe Russ means read between the lines..tsk tsk tsk!Thet must be one EEEVIL photographer

10th Apr 2007, 16:11

Nettie(http://www-dot-mycoldplay-dot-com) says:

Sorry Matt, but they'll be no feet on MY couch....

You naughty boy!

11th Apr 2007, 00:31

JOel312 says:

Russel is going all Jack White on us.

23rd Apr 2007, 19:31

anne says:

OK, I was the first to comment, and I commented 40 seconds after this was posted! A new record!

2nd Jul 2007, 20:46