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Today's bike ride

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We went to Fairburn Ings, an RSPB reserve for wetland birds. I am submitting these pics to evidence the fact that i need a proper camera for grown ups. Any ideas folks? It needs to be idiot proof (waiting for snide remarks from Joker, Sprocket et al) and cheap enough for BaggieBoy to get me for my birthday
6th Apr 2007, 21:38   | tags:,

ah fairburn, used to go there so often as a kid, marvellous place! what kind of budget do you have for a proper camera?

6th Apr 2007, 21:49

FilbertFox says:

56p. What will that get me?

6th Apr 2007, 22:01

Sprocket says:

snide remarks . . .moi?

however, it does look like you need a cam with a little more qualiteee

on the subject of birdees I saw a goldfinch today, the first I'd seen in years, where did all the little chappies go?

6th Apr 2007, 22:02

FilbertFox says:

tis a camera phone so cant expect wonders. And yes dear boy you are a master of snide comments, unlike me...

6th Apr 2007, 22:04

Sprocket says:

well, you should stick around and maybe you will learn something from the master ;-)

6th Apr 2007, 22:24

Viv says:

must have come up here - they turn up every spring

7th Apr 2007, 02:56

JokerXL says:

You never know, the CliCk-Cam might turn up one of these days!

Otherwise, I have a good Fuji FinePix S7000 going "Cheap"
(well, it's appropriate for Easter, but you can switch that off)

7th Apr 2007, 06:56

FilbertFox says:

is that the one you decided wasn't good enough for you??? What are you trying to say?!

Seriously, Emma Chissit?

7th Apr 2007, 09:25

JokerXL says:

Bloody good camera that! does everything a Dslr will do, except change lenses.

99,99 and a sherbet dip to you FF.

7th Apr 2007, 10:43

FilbertFox says:

just seen a new finepixF650 for £99.86. Will have to investigate the differences.

7th Apr 2007, 12:07

JokerXL says:

Pah! a mere toy.
Image Hosted by
That's not a camera, this is a camera:
Free Image Hosting at a href=

7th Apr 2007, 12:58

FilbertFox says:

yeah i have the two specs up for comparison. I thought i only wanted a 'toy', but i have to say i am tempted by your 'package'.

I assume your 'package' is in full working order and you just wanted a big boy toy?

7th Apr 2007, 13:02

JokerXL says:

Most certainly!
Never a complaint in my package dept.!

My one and only problem with the S7000 is that the lens isn't interchangeable, I like to buy "add-on gadgets", otherwise it's a very "grown up" camera, plenty power, plenty functions, good lens, mucho pixels.
A hundred quid is really a "friend's price", Google "S7000" and "second hand" and let me know what you think, I'll even throw in 3 month's guarantee and a couple of mem-cards.

7th Apr 2007, 18:21

FilbertFox says:

so 100 squids and a sherbet dip? (prefer the fountains myself, but viva la difference) Sounds like a fine deal to me. BaggieBoy says he will buy it for my birthday (well he will when i tell him to). Do you take paypal??

7th Apr 2007, 20:29

JokerXL says:

99.99 is NOT a hundred quid FF!
I'll look into the paypal thing, not sure how it works this way but I might be forced to block your road for an hour and deliver in person.
Only problem is, who knows when?

7th Apr 2007, 21:23

FilbertFox says:

exited now! But not my birthday for weeks and weeks and weeks (about 6 i think). I will email you a map with a large X on it, then if you pass this way....

7th Apr 2007, 22:01

JokerXL says:

I've got your address (CliCkCam)
I know where to find you, so look out!

7th Apr 2007, 22:20