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The Boots Challenge

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I tried it out as an occasionally-healthy vegetarian. I saved 2 pounds and 15 pence.
It's a start. I could have splashed out a bit more on the snack. I
had trouble finding a vegetarian main meal thingy over 2 pounds and 40 pence. They
must think that vegetarians are cheap.

Why does my computer not like my Arcade Fire CD? It has no right to
censor my music.
31st Mar 2007, 23:59   | tags:,,

beth says:

someone explain this challenge to me?

1st Apr 2007, 00:19

Helen says:

The Boots Meal Deal is 2 pounds and 99 pence, so basically you try to make the biggest saving by buying the most expensive three Meal Deal items you can find (and hopefully want to eat). The aim is to save more than you actually spend.

Sounds like one for Black Wire.

1st Apr 2007, 00:22

beth says:

heh. brilliant

1st Apr 2007, 00:24

Joe says:

blimey, I'm never one to turn down a challenge....now, is there a Boots in Horsforth?...

1st Apr 2007, 00:28

Helen says:

Um. There must be boots...

1st Apr 2007, 00:30

beth says:

i've not seen a boots in horsforth..i've not seen much in horsforth though as i've only ever been to job interviews there

1st Apr 2007, 10:56

chris says:

Ooh, now sushi opens up a whole world of possibilities. I might give that another try tomorrow.

Originally a drunken conversation between my and Sean, resulting in this.

Probably a good idea to tag these - 'bootschallenge'?

1st Apr 2007, 12:17

Helen says:

Done. I am a bad bad tagger. Although I have now tagged all the India pictures. That took three days. Almost as many as it took to upload them.

The sushi was good and very filling and mighty healthy.

1st Apr 2007, 16:10

chris says:

Has also just taken me half an hour to tag everything. Oops.

I might have sushi at work tomorrow. Although I'm sure raw fish in the work environment is some kind of faux par.

1st Apr 2007, 16:57

Helen says:

Oh, phew, I'm just a couple of pages behind on the tagging. That's ignoring the huge mass of pages in the middle yet to be tagged... I did start off from the beginning once in an effort to tag everything and I'm not sure how far I got. Oops. I don't know how people keep up with their MyFaces and wotnot, they need constant maintenance.

Sushi's not so very smelly. I'd be accused of poshness if I took it into my workplace.

1st Apr 2007, 21:26