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Today's b' tulips

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British tulips, grown in Lincolnshire. Their heads are so big that a
couple snapped off their stems.

nige says:


27th Mar 2007, 21:21

beth says:

i don't like the cartoonify thing! i think it's ugly! am i the only one? sigh!

27th Mar 2007, 21:34

ViX says:

I can't say I'm a huge fan either Beth!

As for thoses tuplips Helen, they do indeedy look huge! I've never seen them that big before.

27th Mar 2007, 21:45

Helen says:

I can't get away with many more pictures of tulips taken on ordinary.

27th Mar 2007, 22:06

Sprocket says:

this would make a great screenprint.

27th Mar 2007, 22:25

nige says:

i'm going to take out even more cartoon pics just to annoy everyone who dislikes them. how dare you!

27th Mar 2007, 22:48

swamprose says:

these are irradiated and impossible tulips. I believe they are actualy cabbages photoshopped to death.

27th Mar 2007, 23:03

Helen says:

Well they are from Lincolnshire.

27th Mar 2007, 23:04

swamprose says:

yes, but now I have GUIDES, and MAPS. I know where it is. and there is nothing, absolutely nothing that says giant cabbage tulips are regular occurences. Is there an area 51 in Lincolnshire, do you see strange things in the sky sometimes?

27th Mar 2007, 23:38

Helen says:

Lincolnshire just is strange. There's an eerie quality to the light. It's flat. And soily.

And they grow things. Like potatoes, sprouts, tulips and cabbages. I can see how they could get them mixed up. And there is, of course, a lot of sky in which to see things.

I hear tell of webbing between toes.

All of the Lincolnshire people I have met, though, are absolutely lovely.

27th Mar 2007, 23:41

swamprose says:

of course there is nothing in guide books that really tell you anything. like about mixing up the cabbages and tulips. I am so looking forward to seeing it all for real, that is if I can drive on the wrong side of the road.

27th Mar 2007, 23:55

beth says:

apparently you can get gloves that help you drive on the right, i mean left side of the road!

28th Mar 2007, 21:25

swamprose says:

gloves? gloves that steer the car? wonderful!

29th Mar 2007, 03:07