Did you know; only one book has been printed more times than the bible, and that's the Ikea catalogue...">

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I'm Steve; i enjoy taking poor quality pictures in large quantities, and so here they are...

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One bible, many churches, WHY?

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"Because everybody wouldn't fit into one church"

Did you know; only one book has been printed more times than the bible, and that's the Ikea catalogue...
24th Mar 2007, 14:12   | tags:,,,,

Puddlepuff says:

Yeah and atleast the Ikea catalogue is based on facts,...

24th Mar 2007, 14:37

pandairo says:

haha indeed

24th Mar 2007, 14:37

seaneeboy says:

Ah, is that the Christadelphians? We've got one of them near us too, with "controversial" statments like "Ten commandments - is that enough?"

24th Mar 2007, 16:58

hildegard says:

Piffle - there's a positive herd of recensions of the Bible - the Catholic & the Protestant ones don't agree, the Orthodox have yet another version, American publishing houses have, in their infinite spiritual pride (such an overlooked sin) condensed the alleged holy writ of an ineffable god into cartoon form or, most reprehensibly of all to my mind, into the volume; "A Bible Even You Can Read!"

How can these people expect a cry of "Credo!" to spring from my lips when they begin their pitch with such a stinky big fib?

24th Mar 2007, 19:40

JokerXL says:

At least the Ikea catalogue makes some sense, in places.
And you get a free allen-key.

24th Mar 2007, 19:57

pandairo says:

seanee: yeah it's those crazy Christadelphians! i love waiting to see their latest stunners...

h: i'd bet there's a "Bible For Dummies" by now!

Joker: yeah, and i reckon an allen key would help more through life than any god. unless god doubles as an allen key.

24th Mar 2007, 21:35

there's a lone christadelphian here who advertises talks on this and that - I really must go along sometime, if only to chck whether anyone actually turns up!

25th Mar 2007, 12:43

seaneeboy says:

hobo - you'll turn up to find 20 other people all vaguely surprised that they aren't the only person there, and have all turned up to see if anyone else would :)

25th Mar 2007, 12:59