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You can't take a photo of this, it's already gone.

This week I have been mostly... sleepy

I have been mostly playing with my new Canon 5D Mk II

I'm currently reading... White Gold Wielder, Stephen Donaldson

I am mostly listening to... Muse

I am currently... Writing a paper

When I should be... Working harder

I am most looking forward to... The Muse concert on Thursday :)

This weekend I am... probably cooking an Easter dinner for everyone.

The website for my lab

My brothers website

An amazingly good program that can recover lost/deleted photos

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crickson says:

I love the 5th picture! Wouldn't be surprised to see that HLed!

20th Mar 2007, 16:04

Cheers Crickson. How's the job hunting going? You're getting as bad as me at updating your moblog!

2nd Apr 2007, 18:50

crickson says:

There's not much to post 'cos I'm at home all day. Going camping with Spiderbaby over easter thou.

Job hunting going slowly, but I had the nicest rejection letters from NY and Melbourne. I should have my name on some papers coming out soon so that'll help a lot. My own Ph. D. publication is still going nowhere. It's odd that I'll get more papers out of Yves' Ph. D. than my own!

If you'd like to use your Canadian connections to put a good word in for me in Halifax, that'd be great : )

3rd Apr 2007, 10:25

Fair enough. Camping sounds good though! It'll be a fun-camp rather than a DofE crazy-camp I take it?

Are you applying to advertised jobs or just emailing your CV to people you want to work for? I just fired off a few emails and got a couple of responses that way.

Halifax isn't too close to Vancouver I'm afraid. I do have a friend working for Health Canada in Ottawa, together with people in New York at Sloane Kettering, NYU and Cornell, if you want me to find out if there's any cool planty stuff going on? I'll be in New York at the end of the month for a conference, so if you can line up an interview there we can go for a pint!

3rd Apr 2007, 20:03

crickson says:

I'm applying for anything I find interesting. About 90% of the positions are not plant related. I'm most interested in pathology - human, animal, plant makes no difference. The NY and Strasbourg jobs were both on malaria.

I've sent out several speculative applications - Melbourne said they looked for something to give me but just don't have any positions at the moment.

I've only applied outside the UK, with a single exception. There's a brilliant post-doc at Edinburgh studying gene therapy for CF patients. It could be my only chance to make GM people : )

4th Apr 2007, 11:47

So are you looking for bacterial/viral/protozoan pathologies, or are you extending your scope to inherited disease and cancers? I'll keep my eyes peeled. Let me know how you get on, and if you're going to be working abroad, make sure it'll be a good holiday spot for me!

So is Ann looking for jobs too? Presumably you'll both leave if you get a non-UK job?

I'm trying to make GM people at the moment :o) We're looking for treatment to Dyskeratosis Congenita, a disease that leads to bone marrow faliure caused by excessive telomere shortening. We're trying to infect their blood stem cells with telomerase, grow them ex vivo and dump it back into their bone marrow.

5th Apr 2007, 02:32

crickson says:

I'll apply for anything that interests me, but traditionally cancer hasn't. You've got to die of something and frankly you've done well if you live long enough for it to be cancer.

Spiderbaby has about 6 mo left of her post-doc, then she'll move to where I am, assuming I've got something! That's why it's important I end up somewhere she can get a job too.

5th Apr 2007, 11:45

That's not entirely true. I work in a predominantly blood cancer department, and many of the leukemias are not age-dependent. There's a great lab in Leicester on Campylobacter, but it's unfortunately in Leicester. There must be a few avian flu labs starting up recently? Anyway, I'll keep my eyes open.

11th Apr 2007, 19:56

crickson says:

I have an interview in Edinburgh on friday. It's still the only job in the UK I've applied for.

Keep your fingers crossed and all being well you'll be able to come to Scotland for Buckfast and fightin'.

12th Apr 2007, 09:51

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