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Sex did what now?

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9th Mar 2007, 12:10   | tags:,

seaneeboy says:

You do seem to like your trashy mags matey...

9th Mar 2007, 12:20

chris says:

Heh, in my defence the reason they're here is because we've advertised in them... but I may have had a sneaky read.

9th Mar 2007, 12:26

Euphro says:

"Hmmm, what shall we advertise in this week...?" :D

9th Mar 2007, 12:38

Puddlepuff says:

Sex rotted my inside,...

Girl you must have smelled then,.... I always suggest washing afterwards with loads of water.

9th Mar 2007, 12:47

Helen says:

It might not be a girl!

9th Mar 2007, 17:25

Puddlepuff says:

Girls have insides,... buys outsides,...


9th Mar 2007, 18:07

Helen says:

Boys have no insides? None at all?



9th Mar 2007, 18:08

Steve says:

PP you have let out the secret that all guys are hollow, you will be thrown out of the union for sure!

9th Mar 2007, 18:26

FilbertFox says:

many blokes do seem to have a void

9th Mar 2007, 18:41

Twiglet says:

*Puddle Puff in Hollowman sex shocker*

I wish I had the job of making up the covers for trashy mags.....

*sighs wistfully*

9th Mar 2007, 18:46

Helen says:

The amusement of this has been eclipsed by my housemate. She walked in tonight and said:

"Guess what happened to me? My giant glass cock fell on my head and concussed me."

Make a headline out of that...

(She's a bit embarrassed.)

9th Mar 2007, 18:53

Twiglet says:

*Giant cock in head shocker - flatmate unable to speak*

9th Mar 2007, 18:57

Steve says:

A glass Hen, or personal product?

9th Mar 2007, 20:13

Puddlepuff says:

Yes but, no but, yes but, does my face look bothered.

9th Mar 2007, 20:31

Helen says:

A rather large glass chicken creature... almost proper hen-size. I think the latter would be more understandable.

(Sorry B!)

9th Mar 2007, 21:11

JokerXL says:

"Sex rotted my insides", well, "That's life"

"My groom's secret wife and 13 kids", hey, "That's life"

And Helen; how about "Crystal cock concusses coy cutie"

9th Mar 2007, 21:13

Helen says:

That's perfect!

9th Mar 2007, 21:15

Steve says:


9th Mar 2007, 21:16

Joe says:

I wonder if any of my friends have giant glass cocks....

9th Mar 2007, 21:20

Steve says:

I'm sure that some of mine do... Well I work in theatre!

9th Mar 2007, 21:25

Helen says:

She doesn't anymore. It's smashed. She found it by the Oxfam bin at Tesco last week. It was glorious/slightly mortified me.

I am sorry I haven't a picture.

9th Mar 2007, 21:28

Steve says:

I'm sure that we can imagine

9th Mar 2007, 21:29

James says:

I double-dare some to do a Google image search!

30th Mar 2007, 10:49