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The Great Moblog Wii-sharing Project

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Let us mingle our Wii to form one mighty flood!

Who wouldn't want a visit from Hypnojesus or Gitler, or their many barely-recognisable friends.

My wii code is 4466 1644 3760 6353

Post yours in the comments and we'll get a big old nerd-herd going in no time.
21st Feb 2007, 20:52   | tags:,,,

christopher says:

My Mii is on my friend's Wii as I don't have my own Wii yet :( He looks particularly stupid, though HypnoJesus takes the win for me ;)

21st Feb 2007, 23:38

kostika says:


I have me and the husband and a few friends wandering around my foyer. So you may get some interesting visitors from my Wii.

22nd Feb 2007, 00:11

my wii number is 3090 1879 4595 4957

i only have two wiis at the mo me and hollive its all good!!

22nd Feb 2007, 09:51

martimus says:


Ill post my wii number when i get home!

22nd Feb 2007, 11:18

crickson says:

I'll post ours as soon as I get a chance!

22nd Feb 2007, 11:26

Rich says:

Added all y'all. Get on it!

22nd Feb 2007, 21:18

sent you a mii rich!

22nd Feb 2007, 22:38

Alfie says:


/covets wii :(

22nd Feb 2007, 22:59

Steve says:

/covets Alfies "nerds" comment

23rd Feb 2007, 07:26

afternoon says:


23rd Feb 2007, 14:50

crickson says:

Me and Spiderbaby -

8329 8515 1882 8391

28th Feb 2007, 14:38

Rich says:

Acecore! Will add you later.

28th Feb 2007, 15:25

magma says:

My Wii is 6814 7690 5597 3301 (added all the other wii numbers here :)
Let's mingle!

28th Feb 2007, 21:27

munkt0n says:

*sobs* I'm still waiting to get a wii, I don't understand why nintendo have been so rubbish with stock

14th Mar 2007, 10:49

Rich says:

Added! Slight delay, my bad. It's not that nintendo are being rubbish. more that everyone in the world is busting for a big ol' wii.

19th Mar 2007, 15:53

munkt0n says:

we will hopefully be receiving one in the post on saturday, yay!

21st Mar 2007, 21:57

munkt0n says:

saturday comes, it's here - woohooo!

8416 3398 1214 6861

24th Mar 2007, 15:39

Rich says:

Sweet, I'll add you in a bit when everyone's gone to bed and I get control of the vertical and horizontal again

26th Mar 2007, 00:11

anonymous says:

Add me add me!!!!!

Doug's wii: 4114 9580 1604 4777

9th Apr 2007, 20:47

goode says:

my wii is still in the box i'll have it at home tomorrow... expect my number soon! :)

9th Apr 2007, 20:56

Rich says:

Updated! Took a shamefully long time but I now have everyone added. This is because I've been on a bit of an xbox360 kick recently. Retro, I know. C'mon Goode, what's holding you up? ;p

12th Apr 2007, 19:39

goode says:

mine's up and running!

3604 8468 9777 4255

12th Apr 2007, 22:43

goode says:


All added! :) Add me back: 3604 8468 9777 4255

12th Apr 2007, 22:50

Joe says:

I should have one by this time next week, will post as soon as :)

12th Apr 2007, 23:28

Rich says:

cool cool cool. Will have to add you tomorrow, Goode - Mat's got the cricket on and god forbid anyone try to change the channel!

12th Apr 2007, 23:46

goode says:

eek no the cricket!

ha ha! I (HEART) WII

13th Apr 2007, 00:44

goode says:

Joe - Join us!

13th Apr 2007, 00:44

goode says:

c'mon rich, what's holding you up? ;)

14th Apr 2007, 01:16

Rich says:

tiredness! PLus I've got a roomful of people playing monkeyball right now, there's no way I can stop the games... But soon! Patience, old bean, I am lazy and forgetful.

14th Apr 2007, 01:25

silar31 says:

If I get the job I am in line for, my celebration present from me to me will be a Wii. I'll post a number then :-)

14th Apr 2007, 02:00

goode says:

i`ll let you off then! Silar GET A WII!

14th Apr 2007, 12:22

kikuchan says:

A little late to the party (my new thing, being late) but I am at 0025 9639 2970 9166.
Weee! Or Wiii! Indeed.

2nd Aug 2007, 20:28

Rich says:

Wii! Man, it'd be a miracle if they released a game worth bothering with on it.

2nd Aug 2007, 20:30

anonymous says:

I don't know -- I'm rather enjoying Cooking Mama...

But to be honest, it's all about the virtual console for me at the moment - spent hours yesterday playing Bonk's Revenge which I haven't played for about a decade or so. And Toejam and Earl. Old school.

And one day soon there will be Mario Kart :-)

3rd Aug 2007, 16:15

Rich says:

Just to let you all know I've finally got round to adding you. I'm sure this news brightens your day no end.

12th Nov 2007, 16:36

im gonna add the new comers so add my wii, iits up there!

12th Nov 2007, 16:49

Rich says:

I had everyone's apart from Goode and Kikuchan, who are now able to insult me via my games console if they so wish. The mii contest channel is great, Simple but hilarious. Especially with the number of Hitler's already submitted. Yay mii hitlers!

12th Nov 2007, 17:11

silar31 says:

I've finally got the wii! My number is

7824 2381 7085 7117

I've added SFG, bmal, goode, Rich, kostika, crickson, and kikuchan. I don't actually have any online games yet but it's just a matter of time!

25th Apr 2008, 02:08

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