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The rather mundane world of the mobile Rikaitch
Images (mostly) taken with a Nokia N95 and mostly sent directly or transferred to the PC via Bluetooth and then sent.

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6.5 inches, and not just bloke inches either...

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I used a tape measure, so you can see the depth.My phone line keeps dying, and I can now see why...As for driving, the main road through the area was deserted and dangerous.And to cap it all, it's still snowing!
9th Feb 2007, 14:39  


This global warming is a real bugger!

9th Feb 2007, 14:41

rikaitch says:

I wish it would snow more! Mind you, I have to be careful, I wished that yesterday, and what do you know?

9th Feb 2007, 14:44

talktolando says:

What part of the country?

9th Feb 2007, 14:48

rikaitch says:

I'm about 25 miles north of Swansea, on the western edge of the Brecon Beacons. Admittedly, I live at just over 1000ft...

9th Feb 2007, 14:49

Twiglet says:

Poor Rik. You and the other Aitches will have to hibernate until it's over....

9th Feb 2007, 16:38

rikaitch says:

Twiglet: I'd love to, but my stash of nuts is getting low...

9th Feb 2007, 19:42

MaggieD says:

Great pics! ..... and that measurement is very impressive ... I just wish we had had the full 6 inches ..... lack of nuts has always been a problem round here ......

9th Feb 2007, 19:54

Essitam says:

Was the "bloke inches" comment a dig at my comments yesterday by any chance???

(oh and by the way we got our promised 6 inches today so it was still a bloke measurement, male time keeping, it came a day late :-P )

9th Feb 2007, 19:57

rikaitch says:

Essitam: No, not a dig, just an observation...

9th Feb 2007, 19:59

Twiglet NLI says:

Oh no! Rik has six and a half inches but no nuts.....

9th Feb 2007, 20:01

rikaitch says:

Twiglet: Some women would think that's a good thing ;-)

9th Feb 2007, 20:06

FilbertFox says:

i have been promised 6 inces many a time, but alas it has not materialised

9th Feb 2007, 20:07

rikaitch says:

FF: Move up here then. That's twice in 2 days I've had 6 inches...

9th Feb 2007, 20:08

FilbertFox says:

i moved to yorkshire thinking 6 inches might be a regular occurrence, i think i have seen it once

9th Feb 2007, 20:11

rikaitch says:

That'll be yorkshiremen bragging... (back to the bloke 6 inches then.)

9th Feb 2007, 20:17

FilbertFox says:

my Mr is a Brummie, so he aint got nowt to brag about.....

9th Feb 2007, 20:19

MaggieD says:

Well with a name like Baggie Boy expectations are low .....

9th Feb 2007, 20:22

rikaitch says:

FF: Well the way the news has been carrying on, Brummies have had a good few inches as well.

9th Feb 2007, 20:24

FilbertFox says:

er Maggie i'm going to tell him what you said....

9th Feb 2007, 20:24

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