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Knowledge pursues me but I am faster.......

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.......

.......One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

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No. 36 ELF update ...£20,000 so far .....

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Blatent Gig blogging ......

The running total for The Elimination of Leukaemia Fund's project to help King's College Hospital with fridges, laptops TVs etc for the rooms of people with cancer of the blood now stands at �£20,000 ........ of course the fund raising continues ..... The gig in memory of Alex at The Venue, New Cross, South London on Friday 23rd February ......

paintist says:

Friday ! yay! and what fantastic news, that is wonderful, ...loving the loadsa money dancers....keep on dancing guys :-)

9th Feb 2007, 12:38

seaneeboy says:

Having been at the sharp end of fundraising I know what an incredible achievement that is, many congratulations and well done.

Is there an overall target?

9th Feb 2007, 12:44

MaggieD says:

Thanks P ..... the little white cat is Woody (Alex's cat) though I doubt he would do anything quite as undignified as dance ....

Why does that A symbol always come up when I type £ .... how can I get rid of it?

9th Feb 2007, 12:46

MaggieD says:

Sean, not sure if there is an overall target, I was told that £20,000 had been raised so far (not sure over what period of time though) ..... but, hey, yes it is good news ....

9th Feb 2007, 12:48

Rich says:

Good question. Only real way is to edit it once it's sent, email renders some of the symbols strangely.

And that really is a staggering figure, kudos all round.

9th Feb 2007, 12:49


9th Feb 2007, 13:00

MaggieD says:

Rich: did try editing it ..... still wont go away ..... nevermind ....

9th Feb 2007, 13:01

Rich says:

Mysterions! Just tried editing myself and yeah, it adds it in. Noticed this problem before. As with any of these occurances I personally blame Thatcher.

9th Feb 2007, 13:11

MaggieD says:

Thank you to whoever sorted out my £ symbol ... :)

9th Feb 2007, 13:33

Sprocket says:

Yay, fantastic news.

9th Feb 2007, 13:36

nige says:


9th Feb 2007, 14:19

Dhamaka says:

Sorry I can't attend the gig but I'm working that night

love the cartoons as ever

9th Feb 2007, 14:33

JokerXL says:


9th Feb 2007, 16:45

MaggieD says:

Thanks folks .... and a big thank you to all who have donated :)

9th Feb 2007, 17:38

FilbertFox says:


9th Feb 2007, 17:57

MaggieD says:

Oh No .... I just added tags to my image and that A symbol has come back next to the £ sign .... that Mrs T is very sneaky .....

9th Feb 2007, 17:59

hildegard says:

The sneaky symbols can usually be handweeded at the "preview" stage when editing posts.
And £20K already? Fantastic. :)

9th Feb 2007, 18:19

MaggieD says:

Hildegard: I did try editing this after posting but it did not work, then some lovely moderator sorted it for me, but when I added tags it reverted to the original A symbol with £ .... Rich blames it on Mrs Thatcher, and I tend to agree .... she is a bit of an old witch (to say the least) .....

9th Feb 2007, 18:28

hildegard says:

Yeah - they turn up pretty much every time you edit your post & have to be handweeded each time.

Perhaps you (& Rich) might be interested in the Thatcher Memorial Ballroom project? As soon as (ding dong) the witch is dead & buried, we hope to get as many people as possible in proper Come Dancing fig, to dance over her grave to the strains of a wind-up gramophone...

9th Feb 2007, 18:34

MaggieD says:

..... polishing my dancing shoes, even as I type .... (good thing I have a black keyboard) ....

9th Feb 2007, 18:37

Rich says:

I'm there. I'd had similar plans, possibly involving a public convenience of some kind. Mayhap the two could be integrated somehow...

9th Feb 2007, 20:41

MaggieD says:

Like the way you are thinking Rich ..... OK some of us might be at the incontinence stage .... but we know where to direct it ....

9th Feb 2007, 20:56

WTG :-)

9th Feb 2007, 21:01

woohoo, go fundraising! we've got the moves.

13th Feb 2007, 12:36

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